Enjoy Texting with Contacts and Improve Your Customer Service with 1-on-1 Chat

Enjoy Texting with Contacts and Improve Your Customer Service with 1-to-1 Chat
Enjoy Texting with Contacts and Improve Your Customer Service with 1-on-1 Chat

EZ Texting's 1-on-1 Chat enables you to have one-on-one text message conversation with contacts. This gives you a key advantage when you consider the following numbers:

  1. Texts are used by 97% of Americans and it is the most-used app
  2. 52% of customers would prefer texting customer service over their current method
  3. Texting can reduce the cost of customer service calls from $20 to just pennies

The writing on the wall is clear: your customers want to text, they want to do so with you, and texting has tangible benefits on the bottom line. So what can business and organizational leaders do to better engage with customers?

They can leverage 1-on-1 Chat, which is a tool that allows customers and contacts to have personalized, private, one-on-one conversations using text messages.

See how 1-on-1 Chat can strengthen your customer service and lead to measurable growth:

Getting 1-on-1 Chat

EZ Texting's 1-on-1 Chat can be enabled on any existing 10-digit landline, as well as any phone number you purchase from EZ Texting. If you want to buy a new line, EZ Texting’s platform allows you to choose a number based on area code, city, or zip code.

Another way is to sign up for text-to-landline service, which will enable you to turn your business landline number into a number that can send and receive text messages. It's also the only self-service text-to-landline platform and you can get started for free in minutes!

When customers text your landline, their texts are sent to your computer’s interface.

How 1-on-1 Chat Works

EZ Texting's 1-on-1 Chat can be used via any device with internet access. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, communicating with customers is just a few mouse clicks away.

Why 1-to-1 Chat Leads to Happier Customers

“Please stay on the line, your call will be answered in thirty...seven...minutes.” When customers call tech support lines, they fear long waits like these. And customer service is no picnic for companies, either. After that 37 minutes, a service agent has to deal with a tired, angry customer, and reconcile that with company goals on the number of calls they manage per hour. Throw that in a blender and you get a situation where customers receive a quick solution, even if it’s not always the best one. 1-on-1 Chat enables customers to text in their issues, rather than wait on hold, and it gives your reps the ability to take time to research what the best solution is. In short, 1-on-1 Chat gives customers a happier experience and a greater sense of purpose for your staff.

EZ Chat’s simple interface and more personal approach to customer service. It ensures your staff spend more time solving problems than listening to them. 1-to-1 Chat also makes your team more mobile; they aren’t tied to desks and phones to handle calls, and instead of being happy with finding a ‘good’ solution, they can feel more accomplished by having the time to find a “great” one.

Get started with 1-to-1 Chat!

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