The EZ Guide to SMS and Self-Storage

Text and Self-Storage
The EZ Guide to SMS and Self-Storage

Self-storage spaces provide a central location for customers to park their possessions. But even if stuff stays in one place, customers are on the go. Everyday communication has evolved beyond one central inbox—and if you don’t have a way for folks to immediately connect with you, you may be missing out. SMS texting allows you to meet customers where they are—on their phones.

After all, emails may be automatically presorted to an inbox promotions folder. Call screening can make it tough to connect in real time with a customer to sort out administrative issues. But texting reaches customers and potential customers on their phone, in real time, with impressive results. In fact, text blasts get up to 6 times more engagement than emails.

Texting allows you to ramp up referral and reward programs, alert clients to promotions or logistical changes, and keep billing information updated and correct any errors or billing lapses immediately—without needing to onboard additional personnel or provide extensive tech training.

Here, some examples of how to effectively use SMS marketing to engage with current customers and attract new customers toward your self-storage business.

Engage in New Customer Promotion and Marketing

You may have a database of potential client emails—but do you know they are actually reaching your audience? Sending opt-in texts inviting communication gives you a valuable link to potential customers and allows you to optimize any lists you may have generated through community events, neighborhood lists, or website visits.

Engage in Billing Conversations with Ongoing Clients

It can take hours of an associate’s time to connect with a client if a payment is missing or denied, or to try to chase down a late payment. Texting can make it simple to seamlessly rectify billing issues and make sure that any payment forms on file are current.

Engage Customers in Cross-Promotional Marketing

Your customers can be amazing referral sources. Texting makes it easy for them to share info and promotional offers with their social network and offer incentives to encourage them to do so.

Share Local News and Initiatives

Now more than ever, customers appreciate brands who engage with the local community. A national franchise can use SMS communication to share local news and initiatives. Texting can also alert customers about local changes due to weather or other issues that may arise.

Survey Your Storage Customer Satisfaction

It can be tough to get a read on how your customers feel about your business.

After all, online reviews may be slanted. You also may not hear from customers who are generally satisfied, but have one or two nagging concerns that could take your storage solution company from good to great. Surveys sent via text can be a great way to take a pulse on what’s working, what’s not, and what may be on customer’s minds. Adding incentives, like a sweepstakes or giveaway, can encourage timely responses and a cross-section of opinions.

Bottom line: Texting is a seamless way to connect with customers, stay on top of new inquiries, and keep communication open so that customers feel connected to you and your company.

And you don’t need any additional tech training to get started. EZ Texting comes with 24-7 support and resources so you can begin communicating today.

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