The EZ Guide to Texting for Shipping and Transportation Logistics

SMS for Shipping and Transportation Logistics
The EZ Guide to Texting for Shipping and Transportation Logistics

The office is an open road for those in the shipping industry, and the sky’s the limit for how text communications can boost connections between drivers, dispatchers, vendors, and clients. It’s safe, distraction-free, and powerful enough to deliver urgent information in real-time — with open-rates at 98% and most texts read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt.

From warehouse employees to third parties, trucking and transportation logistics teams have copious amounts of moving parts to maneuver efficiently and effectively. The industry inherently operates via a remote workforce (that often spans multiple locations and evolving work and weather conditions) and labors to ensure timely arrivals and deliveries.

Implement EZ Texting’s leading SMS platform to solve your operations and communications concerns — along with recruitment goals, retention needs, and ongoing corporate tasks.

Here, some examples of how to effectively use SMS marketing to engage with current customers and attract new customers toward your trucking and logistics business:

Dispatch Key Information with Real-Time Alerts

In a need-to-know-now industry, manage ever-shifting route changes, street closures, inclement weather warnings, transit delays, police activity, and more by delivering urgent messages with push notifications. From shipment delays to construction halts, SMS messaging allows dispatch coordinators, project managers, and field service managers to ensure everyone on their team is right on target.

Engage in New Customer Promotion and Marketing

Reduce call volume and connect with prospective clients more efficiently in conversational 1-on-1 Chat. Provide quotes on future business and respond to questions like Delivery ETA’s.

Engage in Billing Conversations with Ongoing Shipping Clients

Speed up payments by automatizing billing reminders with SMS marketing. Why spend time dealing with the headaches of chasing overdue invoices? Instead, text a reminder and include a trackable link for seamless payment.

Engage Customers in Cross-Promotional Marketing

Who doesn’t like publicity? Incentivize your customers to spread the word about a job well done, refer their network of business associates, and include promotional offers to share. Texting makes it easy with trackable links.

You can also grow your text subscriber list by cross-promoting it with other marketing platforms: newsletters, website, email campaigns, and more.

Engage with Staff and Contractors and Attract Future Hires

Seamlessly connect with the onboarding, shipping, and logistics software you already use. Automatize text reminders about administrative concerns like schedules and time cards — and simplify your recruitment process when you direct candidates to your hiring portal to ensure smooth transitions.

You can also alert staff, contractors, and applicants on new shifts or positions as they arise — see how Fidelis Freight uses EZ Texting for just this purpose! This can be particularly essential during high-volume seasons, when freelancers are likely to also be working with competitors.

Go Further with MMS Messaging

Some deliveries or updates may require more detailed instructions. Deliver key intel with an audio step-by-step or perhaps include a photo of the destination’s loading dock. MMS communications expands your options.

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