EZ Texting 101: A Crash Course in Growing Your Contacts Lists

05 Feb

No matter how comprehensive your marketing strategy is, it won't make much of a difference if you don't have a quality list of customers.

Check out how EZ Texting can help you reach new customers and strengthen the power of your marketing:

Growing Your List

Don’t have enough contacts in your list? Keywords and short codes can get you more customers! A keyword is a 2-12 character word (letters, numbers, and punctuation marks) that is unique to each EZ Texting client. Keywords are customizable and EZ Texting helps you search for what's available. To grow your list, advertise a keyword on social media, posts, TV/radio, etc. You’ll want to give potential customers a reason to text you, so consider advertising a message such as: “Text FREENACHOS to 797979 to get free nachos at McCallahan’s and receive future promos via text!” FREENACHOS is the keyword customers will text in with, 797979 is the short code, and your ad clearly states that you’ll be adding them to their marketing list in exchange for free nachos.

Creating Groups of Contacts

One best practice is to use keywords to create different groups of customers. The new contacts you received from the FREENACHOS keyword could be one group. New contacts who texted using your COOKINGCLASS keyword would be another group. EZ Texting’s application can help you auto-sort new contacts based on which keywords they used. You can then more easily text groups in the future based on their interests.

Simple Sign Up Tools (Widgets)

EZ Texting offers customizable lead forms (sometimes called contact forms) you can embed in your website that enable customers to enter their contact information, usually in exchange for a discount. You can create fields for customers’ first name, last name, and mobile phone number. Widgets help you auto-sort customer data into fields; such as one group created from your FREENACHOS widget, another for your STPADDYSDAY widget, etc.

The Importance of Opt-Ins

Before you text customers, you need their expressed written consent. Failing to do so might open you up to legal liability. While you might have collected customer data from POS tools, or even a “leave your business card in the bowl to win a chance for a free lunch,” none of these count as consent. The message you advertise to grow your contacts list must explicitly say that you’ll be texting them in the future. McCallahan’s in the example above successfully hits all the marks of an advertisement:

  1. Offers an incentive to get people to text in (free nachos)
  2. Clearly states they’ll be receiving future promos via text
  3. Uses a keyword in conjunction with a shared short code

As a note, a prior existing business relationship or purchase history does not equal customer consent.

Create an Auto-Reply Text

Since prospects are texting you, you need to text them back. However, replying to them individually will take up too much time, so you’ll have to set up an auto-reply. Some content in the auto-reply should be included as a courtesy, some is legally required (check out page 15 of the CTIA’s best practices guide):

  1. Remind contacts what they’ve opted in to
  2. Provide clear opt out instructions
  3. Tell them how often you’ll text

Definitely look at the guide above. Keep in mind that specific industries may also have best practices and requirements.

Setting up text campaigns for businesses has a few extra steps than texting friends about movie times, but with the right approach, the increase in customers (and profits!) is more than worth the effort.

Got more questions about how to grow your contacts lists? Or how to make texting drive growth? Call our Client Success Managers today at (866) 676-2180!

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