EZ Texting Certified a TRUE Software Vendor Committed to Transparency

EZ Texting named TRUE software vendor committed to transparency.
EZ Texting Certified a TRUE Software Vendor Committed to Transparency

True BadgeTrustRadius—the most trusted review site in the business technology industry—recently launched their inaugural TRUE list recognizing vendors committed to transparency in all aspects of the review process, and EZ Texting—already recognized by TrustRadius as one of 2020's "Top-Rated" and "Most-Loved" marketing software companies—is thrilled to be certified among the first recipients!

The TRUE program recognizes vendors who are TransparentResponsiveUnbiased, and Ethical in the sourcing and use of customer reviews. To be certified TRUE companies must:

  • Provide equal opportunity for product users to safely share honest feedback in reviews
  • Disclose how they source reviews and how incentives are used
  • Read all published reviews and respond when necessary
  • Represent review content accurately in sales and marketing materials
  • Disclose the use of intent data for marketing purposes

TRUE builds trust between buyers and vendors and incentivizes greater transparency in the industry as a whole, creating a true win-win in the marketplace.

Norman Happ, CEO of EZ Texting said, “Because EZ Texting is customer-centric, we’ve always been committed to managing customer voice in ways that are authentic and ethical. We’re excited to join with TrustRadius in setting the industry standard for transparency. TRUE recognizes the way we’ve always engaged our customers. Potential customers who see our TRUE badge know that they can trust EZ Texting as a valuable and ethical partner.”

What got us this award? Have a look at what people are saying about EZ Texting on TrustRadius and all will become clear:

"EZ Texting is easy to use, even if you do not have much experience using technology. It is straightforward, and if you get lost, someone always answers your questions in a timely matter--sometimes an immediate chat! It has been a benefit for me because it has streamlined my hiring process."
Amanda Miller, Human Resources Manager

"EZ Texting is like the 3rd member of our marketing team!
Verified TrustRadius User, Marketing Manager

"It has been over a year since we started using EZ Texting but it seemed almost instantly that we had it up and running. It is very user-friendly for our new staff that get trained on it."
Amanda Bassett, Office Administrative Assistant

Read our press release on becoming certified TRUE.

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