EZ Texting Feature Spotlight: Link Shortener

12 Apr
You’ve seen them out there – short, funny looking URLs in social media posts and text messages. These short URLs are products of a link shortener, which are designed to (obviously) create shortened links and also (not as obviously) provide trackability.

link shortener example

EZ Texting Has Its Own URL Shortener -- and It’s Magnificent

There are numerous companies out there that will shorten your URLs for you, but EZ Texting’s is a great option if you are using text marketing. Why? The EZ Texting tool is contextual within the Send Message flow – meaning you don’t have to go to a separate tool to get your URL when you compose your message.

Tracking Who Clicks on Links in Your Texts

In addition to the convenience, the EZ Texting URL shortening function in the send message flow allows you track in who click on your links. Other tools may just give you basic traffic numbers. Having individual data can help you build personalized message streams, such as drip campaigns.

Track Link Across Tactics Including Social Media

If you want to use a shortened link in other areas, such as Social Media, you can go into the tools section of your account and create a new, dedicated link. This link will not be tied to specific users, but you will be able to track it wherever it is used.

For more information about EZ Texting features like the link shortener, or how to learn get started, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (800) 753-5732 or check out our plans now!

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