EZ Texting Focus on Compliance - What is the CTIA?

17 Jan

You might have noticed we mention the CTIA a lot, especially as it relates to compliance. So, what is the CTIA? What do they do? And why does it matter?

What is the CTIA

The CTIA is a trade organization focused on the U.S. wireless communication industry. The group includes carriers, industry members, and other professionals in the wireless business. The CTIA is a neutral party that helps its members self-regulate and have been around since 1984. 

Here's more about the CTIA from their website,

“CTIA vigorously advocates at all levels of government for policies that foster continued wireless innovation and investment. CTIA also coordinates the industry's voluntary efforts to provide consumers with a variety of choices and information regarding their wireless products and services.”

How the CTIA Can Help You

Because of their focus, the CTIA is perfectly positioned to provide expert guidance. Here are some great resources from the CTIA and how they can help you:

U.S. Consumer Best Practices for Messaging

This guide provides advice on how to build a compliant text marketing program. Page 15 gives particularly useful examples of how to talk about about text frequency, and opting out.

Consumer Tips

The CTIA has lots of helpful, consumer-focused information that can help just about anyone with a mobile device.

Industry Data

If you’re interested in wireless trends, the CTIA provides a wealth of facts and infographics about the industry.

Compliance is Key, The CTIA Can Help

Even if you’re not interested in the details of the wireless industry, getting a good grip on compliance is still worth the effort. The guidelines outlined by the CTIA help keep your consumers happy and protect your business. At EZ Texting we don’ t give legal advice. But we do recommend checking out the CTIA and their best practices guide. You can also read the Marketing Compliance Guide we created for the financial industry.




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