EZ Texting Gets in the Holiday Spirit

06 Dec

This year, EZ Texting got an early jump on the holiday spirit with a company-wide learning day followed by our annual holiday bash. Employees from our offices around the world gathered in Santa Monica, California, to think, bond, and celebrate. And it was a blast!

Our education day centered on how we express our company values, Respect, Candor, Hustle, Integrity, and Passion, as a business and as individuals. Sessions focused on topics like how to effectively share feedback, create mottos to live by, and give back to our community.


EZ Texting Holiday Dance


Things got really exciting when we set out to learn a dance routine to perform at the holiday party the next day. Rugs were cut! After that we caught our breath, chowed down on pizza, and sang some karaoke. I believe my cover of “Billie Jean” was unforgettable – but you’ll have to ask my co-workers.


EZ Texting Holiday Photo Booth


The next day we celebrated the Indian heritage of our founders with a Bollywood-themed holiday party at a swanky joint nearby. In addition to the great food, sharp outfits, and fabulous dancing, the evening gave everyone an opportunity to mix, mingle, and get to know their co-workers. It’s extra special for us when team members from California, Austin, and Kiev (Ukraine) can chat face-to-face.


EZ Texting Holiday Photo Booth


As a team, we’re pumped to make the coming year an ever better one. And we’re committed to bringing our values to the table every day. We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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