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EZ Texting Just Made It Easier to Grow Your Opt-In List With Embedded and Shareable Forms

Text Marketing Sign-up Forms
EZ Texting Just Made It Easier to Grow Your Opt-In List With Embedded and Shareable Forms

EZ Texting is constantly looking for ways to improve our experience and give our users maximum flexibility and freedom when growing their text subscriber list. And, of course, we’re always thrilled to roll out a new feature! So, take a moment to meet EZ Texting’s new Embedded and Shareable Signup Forms!

So, what’s changing and why is it important? 

Like anything of value, growing your text marketing opt-in list in a manner compliant with federal regulations requires a little focused effort. It’s often one of the biggest hurdles for new users. Our new signup forms make things easier! It’s simple, more opportunities for your customers to opt in leads to more opt ins.

As for what’s changing, users will now have the option of using one of two types of forms within EZ Texting: Embedded Forms and Shareable Forms.

The Embedded Form will allow you to add a customized HTML signup form to your site. This will allow your users to more easily sign up to receive text messages from you while they’re interacting with your brand or product. Design a targeted lead capture landing page or embed the form on a global site area, such as a sidebar, header, or footer.

The Shareable Form will allow you to add an EZ Texting signup form to social media accounts – like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – emails, as well as other communication channels, allowing for a wider reach and exponential subscriber list growth.

If you’d like to know more details please visit our help articles for the Embedded Signup Form and Shareable Signup Form.

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