EZ Texting Updates its Send Message Page

15 Jun
At EZ Texting we’re always working to give customers the easiest, most awesome experience possible. We recently updated our send message page and wanted to share some of the key upgrades.

1. Easier Recipient Selection Using Auto Complete

If you’ve sent a message to an individual or group before, our system will recognize it and suggest it to you before you finish typing.

2. Real-Time Message Preview

No one likes surprises! As you type your message it will show up in the preview window in real time, so you can see exactly what you’re going to send.

EZ Texting Send Message Page - Preview

3. Advanced Options at Your Fingertips

Advanced features like message templates, dynamic fields, and recurring messages are easy to access when you’re typing your message.

EZ Texting Send Message Page - Advanced Features

4. Real-Time Character Validation

We’ll tell you right away if you enter a character that EZ Texting does not support.

5. Easy Group Creation

Quickly group your individual contacts so you can easily message them again.

EZ Texting Send Message Page - Groups

6. Easy Selector for SMS and MMS (Picture Message)

Compose messages of up to 1600 characters, and add images or multi-media files to boost engagement. EZ Texting will optimize for delivery.

EZ Texting Send Message Page - MMS

7. Review Your Message Stage

Hit Send too soon? Don't worry! After composing your message you get to review all the details to make sure it’s exactly right before sending.

EZ Texting Send Message Page - Send Screen

8. Upgraded Link Shortener Tool

Track clicks and engagement on your links -- down to individual contacts -- within the EZ Texting interface with our link shortening tool.

Send a Message Today

We’re very excited with all the updated we’ve made to this page to make it easier to send messages. Have you sent a message recently? Log in to send one now or sign up if you’ve been waiting to take the plunge. If you’re a customer and you don’t don’t see these changes, drop us a line and we can get you hooked up. Our Customer Service Managers are ready to help customers and newcomers alike at 800) 753-5732.

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