Instantly Connect EZ Texting With 2,000+ Apps Using Zapier

Instantly Connect EZ Texting With 2,000+ Apps Using Zapier

With EZ Texting’s new Zapier partnership, you can now access thousands of apps and connect them with your EZ Texting account. Spending hours flipping between your CRM, social platform tools, Google Drive, email, project management software, and EZ Texting can be time consuming and inefficient.

Sound familiar? Start automating some of those text marketing workflows right now, like pre-programmed texts or automatically add Contacts based on events in other platforms. Zapier allows you to develop your own custom integrations without complex programming or coding.

For example, you can automatically send a text message to a new Salesforce lead or add a new Facebook Lead Ads sign up directly to an EZ Texting Contacts Group. Or parse incoming emails for opt-in mobile numbers, whether you use Gmail or Outlook, to instantly add new subscribers to a Group and send a welcome text.

Additionally, you can use Paths by Zapier to automate conditional messages, sending different pre-programmed texts to new leads based on criteria from the trigger or other prior steps.

The EZ Texting-Zapier integration is great for…

  • Sales teams already using Customer Relationship Management platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Agile CRM, Zoho CRM, or PipeDrive. Any customer interactions within these CRMs can be triggers for EZ Texting actions including sending a text message


  • Marketers who rely on social media management tools like Hootsuite and Loomly or want to connect their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter lead-generating accounts. Instantly, new social media ad leads can be triggers for actions in your EZ Texting account, like being added to a special Contacts Group to send custom text marketing campaigns.


  • E-commerce sales managers using an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Amazon Seller Central, or Square that want to send automated welcome texts to new customers and/or add them to their EZ Texting Contacts.


  • Marketing and advertising campaign managers that want to combine email marketing and other multichannel campaigns with text messaging follow-up or direct response.


  • Administrators who use Google Forms and email intake forms to allow their audience to sign up for text alerts and notifications.


  • Researchers and analysts utilizing Typeform, Survey Monkey, or Google Forms to collect respondents’ information and text messaging opt-ins for 1:1 texting.

Learn how to get set up on Zapier with our Help article