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With EZ Texting’s Shutterstock Integration, Get the Most Out of MMS Picture Messaging

Shutterstock Integration Featured Image
December 2, 2021
EZ Texting
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You’ve heard it before — a picture is worth a thousand words. A simple idea, easy to overlook, that can have real significance for your business when you use MMS picture messaging to quickly and easily connect with your customers.

Visual content makes a noticeable impact on every major business goal: influencing lead generation and sales (71%), brand awareness (84%), website traffic (85%), and social media engagement (81%)1. In fact, you could receive up to a 250% engagement boost with MMS over SMS messaging.

Why the dramatic jump? Because we’re visual creatures in an increasingly visual world. While quick texts and push notifications are the ultimate communication tool in today’s modern world, you can level up engagement even further, connecting to your customers instantly, emotionally, and directly by adding attention-grabbing images.

Now, EZ Texting has partnered with Shutterstock — the world’s leading digital image library -- to help you and your business tell your story.

Elevate your campaign with millions of royalty-free images, available to EZ Texting customers at no additional cost — a savings of nearly $1000 annually. In just a few clicks, you can create stunning promotions, announcements, invites, and so much more. It’s never been easier to build professional MMS campaigns.

Search, create, and share world-class text campaigns without ever leaving EZ Texting.


engagement boost with MMS over SMS messaging.

Our Partnership with Shutterstock Helps You Use the Power of Imagery to Boost Your MMS Marketing Campaign Engagement

EZ Texting’s partnership with Shutterstock allows us to bring you the very best-in-class tools to endlessly ideate. You can use one of Shutterstock’s 20M+ images to create your message, or upload your own images, then use the comprehensive image editor to get your image just right and add text to create stunning visuals to promote your business.

Drive more sales and higher ROI with eye-catching designs that will help you tell your story visually.

Free Shutterstock Images

Choose from 20M+ high resolution royalty-free images — all fully customizable.

Powerful Image Editor

Use the comprehensive image editor to create branded promotions, invitations, and announcements. You can add your own images (or select the royalty-free images offered by Shutterstock) and use the editor to create content.

The possibilities are endless.

Design Templates

Jumpstart your MMS marketing campaign by choosing from hundreds of pre-designed layouts and easily customizable templates that fit all your creative design needs.

Templates can be edited to change text, alter design elements, or modify existing layouts. Images automatically resize to fit any mobile device.

This Integration Is Great For…

Looking to drive sales, boost event registrations, promote your product or service, build overall awareness and engagement, advertise new locations and grand openings, increase enrollment, promote employee recognition, design an impactful policy change that will get the attention of staff and clients, and so much more?

We know, that’s a trick question — because of course, the answer is yes! A resounding yes.

In other words, this integration is for everyone. From retail to real estate, restaurants, the automotive industry, health and wellness services, nonprofits, K12-higher education and enrichment, property management, faith-based organizations, HR and staffing agencies.

Solo-run businesses, SMBs, and smaller MMs with limited marketing budgets and resources can leverage our integration to expertly create promotional and branded images with Shutterstock and generate maximum impact with each text blast.

MMS Picture Messaging Best Practices

No need to be a graphic designer to create dynamic MMS marketing campaigns using Shutterstock’s powerful imagery and image editing tools. Consider implementing these pro moves for your own branded designs:



Create a Bold Subject Line

Your subject line is like the opening line to a story. It should be enticing. A grand announcement to open the incoming text notification. You want it to stand out and pique the recipient’s curiosity.

But be warned: Subject lines have a limit of 20 characters so keep your message concise and on brand. The subject should have a strong call to action, such as an attention-grabbing promotion or an exclusive invite.

You're Invited Text Message Notification


Deliver a Strong Message

MMS messages have a 1,600 character limit. Still, a text is not the time to get too chatty and it’s exactly this efficiency that makes consumers love text so much.

Long copy rarely delivers the message as effectively as a concise, to-the-point notification.


Hierarchy of Layout

Think of hierarchy in regards to visual design as the natural way customers will look at the arrangement of elements presented to them, in order of importance. This may feel intuitive as we’ve all become accustomed to such rules of advertising.

Keep the rules of visual hierarchy in mind when designing your layout. Since we read from top to bottom, important elements should be at the top. Scavenger hunts can be great games to play — but not in marketing.

Sample MMS Message


Add Creative Visuals

The biggest benefit of MMS images is the eye-catching visuals. Get creative by using one of Shutterstock’s millions of royalty free options, or add your own images, videos, animated GIFs, infographics, and audio files. It’s even easier when you take advantage of our wide selection of complimentary templates.


Make Text Legible

Getting the copy just right is a big part of making your MMS image picture perfect. Keep things brief, to the point. and easy to read. If your image has a white background, adding text in a yellow or golden hue will be a challenge to see.

Sample MMS Message


Take caution with fonts as well. In marketing, you typically want to use clean fonts that are easy for customers to read and heed your CTA.

Sample MMS Message

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