EZ Texting Named One of TrustRadius' Most-Loved Companies for 2020

EZ Texting is a Most-Loved Text Marketing Platform
EZ Texting Named One of TrustRadius' Most-Loved Companies for 2020

To celebrate Valentine's Day TrustRadius has put together their second TrustRadius Love Report and EZ Texting is thrilled to have made the list!

To compile the winners TrustRadius analyzed every word (that's nearly 23 million words in total) in their database of software reviews to identify the products most adored by their users. After combing through every one of the reviews for roughly 5000 products across 540 categories they came up with their final list of 50 winners. 

TrustRadius says this year's winners "represent a wide variety of solutions, showing that any kind of software can inspire love."

How did we get here?

EZ Texting had a phenomenal 2019. We rolled out two original reports – The 2019 Mobile Usage Report: How Consumers are REALLY Texting and Text Marketing in 2019: The Next Generation of Business Communications – and launched product enhancements and features. We're preparing for an even greater 2020 and being named one of Trust Radius' Most Loved is a great start!

What got us this award? Have a look at what people are saying about EZ Texting on TrustRadius and all will become clear:

"EZ Texting is being used by our marketing department to get the word out about promotions, webinars, and events. It has been a great tool in reaching guests that do not open emails. We have found that we get almost double the response on events and webinars when we use EZ Texting."
Rene Steffan, Brand Marketing Generalist

"We needed to present a solution for a client. After testing several options, we decided EZ Texting provided the best solution for our client. Their platform is a great tool for SMS marketing. You can easily create and track campaigns. The system is intelligent enough to handle opt-outs with ease. We are glad to have them in our toolbox."
Carmelin Cintron, Managing Partner

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