Fitting Facebook into Your Marketing Mix

Fitting Facebook into Your Marketing Mix


Facebook marketing should form a central part your overall strategy. An effective cross-channel marketing campaign is like a great band or sports team: synergistic. Every part of the machine should work together in concert to create something that resonates across phone networks, optic cables and even good old-fashioned billboards. Facebook is where those vibrations so often start trembling, so it’s a sensible place from which to launch your multimedia assault.

Social media hounds visit your Facebook page, where they can sign up to an SMS campaign that sends out a text promoting your social media… and on and on. Think of it as a marketing feedback loop and you won’t be far off the mark. With EZ Texting's new Facebook Signup App, creating this loop has never been easier! Bottling that perfect storm of product, program and audience is no cakewalk, but there are a few rules you can follow to pull Facebook marketing off successfully…

Don’t Annoy People
First and foremost, each campaign needs to be interesting and relevant. Try to vary the content from campaign to campaign. Repeat the same post across multiple channels and you’ll just turn people off by veering dangerously into spam territory. And whatever Monty Python might say, spam is far from lovely.

...But Do Involve Them
Folks love to participate in polls and quizzes. They’re also a great way to integrate campaigns. Set up a voting program via SMS, but promote and announce the results on social media. This way, fans have to visit both channels in order to see it through. Offering discounts and rewards to people who join your Facebook page is also a successful strategy.

Join Things Up
Linking your Facebook marketing campaign to your mobile campaign will help you find out who are your most engaged customers. If they join both mailing lists, they’re more likely to share and re-tweet your messages.

It’s EZ Peasy
One of the best ways to achieve effective, joined up marketing is with the EZ Texting Facebook Signup Widget. It works like the normal EZ Widget, but is designed to function as a tab on your Facebook fan page. Find out how to set it up here, and start collecting mobile phone numbers to add to your text contact list.

Be Channel-Savvy
Using different widgets on different channels to automatically segment your contacts and find out which channel is getting the most views is a core tenet of successful Facebook marketing.

…but Not Word-Heavy
Creating a dynamic experience for your visitors means incorporating videos, images, interactive widgets, photographs, infographics – anything but huge blocks of boring text. Keep your words short, sharp and witty. Learning how to be short and sweet is necessary for Twitter and SMS marketing, so why not transfer those skills to your Facebook page and website? Sure, use social media to expand on your text messaging campaign, but don’t make your customer-experience an exhausting one.

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