Guide to Retail Text Marketing Promotions for Valentine’s Day

Guide to Retail SMS Marketing Promotions for Valentine’s Day
Guide to Retail Text Marketing Promotions for Valentine’s Day

Text marketing is one the best ways to capture your audience’s attention at any time of the year, and Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest opportunities to make that connection count.

This year the National Retail Federation estimated that American consumers will spend a record $27.4 billion, up 32% from last year, on the romantic holiday. Here’s our guide to retail text marketing promotions to sweeten your sales.

Spur Sales With a Special Offer

It’s retail marketing 101: customers love special offers that make them feel like they’re getting a great deal. Text marketing retail is no different. Our retail customers have found great success with discounts or BOGO offers

Text marketing also makes it easy to make sure your special offer lands in the hands of an interested audience. In addition to its unbeatable (98%!) delivery rate, mass text marketing allows you to segment your list and send relevant offers to different groups. Consider dividing your list by where they shop, what they've purchased, or another stated interest. That way you can be sure the offer hits the mark.

Once you've settled on an offer for each segment, make sure that your text message includes a call to action – that’s the best way to ensure the customer reaction you're looking for. Effective calls to action include “click to get a coupon,” “reserve your time now,” and “show this text at checkout to receive a 10% discount.”

Here's examples of how your Valentine's Day text message could read:

  • EZ Flowers Dallas is offering 10% off a dozen roses if you order before 2/10. Show this text message at the counter to get your discount!
  • We know you love diamonds <Customer Name>, so EZ Jewelry is offering a $5 off coupon. Click the link to get your deal: <URL>
  • <Customer Name>, you told us you're interested in couples massages, book yours with EZ Spa before 2/10 and get a second one for half price in March. Call 1-800-555-0000.

Create Urgency With Dwindling Inventory Notifications

Sending a text message is a great way to create a sense of urgency. After all, customers expect to only receive important notifications on their phones.

This works especially well if you have some background data on your customers, like they’ve already purchased a certain kind of product with you before.

Create added urgency by sending out a notice when stock of that item is low. You could send a text like, “We’ve still got 30 crystal heart pendants left at EZ Jewelry. Order yours now to match the earring set you recently purchased so it arrives by Valentine’s day!

Encourage Engagement With Follow up Messages and Thanks

Maybe your business sells something with no connection with Valentine’s Day or you don’t have a special offer to give. It still pays to text your customers and keep your business top of mind.

Consider sending them a picture message greeting or coupon for their next visit, just to show them some love. EZ Texting offers free downloadable picture message templates you can use in text marketing campaigns on Valentines Day or any time of the year.

Get Started Now

Text Marketing for Valentine’s Day gives you an easy and cost-effective way to drive sales and increase engagement. If you’re ready to start texting your customers, EZ Texting can help. Sign up for free today!

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