How Higher Education is Using Texting Software to Send Important Appointment Reminders to Students

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May 27, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Gauge new student interest and facilitate the application and enrollment process via SMS text message marketing — and simultaneously drive enrollment.

How? By engaging with prospective students on the device they carry with them 24/7 — their mobile phones — you can guarantee you’re always just a moment away from instant communication. This is why text message marketing enjoys a 98% engagement rate.

The application and enrollment process is a difficult one — for higher education institutions and incoming students alike. Millions of marketing dollars are funnelled into finding unique and interesting ways to pique interest and encourage applications.

Higher education text reminders with dates, times, addresses, and links to website portals that bring students directly to applications and important info are critical in keeping the process running smoothly.

As an extra bonus, by texting reminders for important appointments you’re demonstrating the type of communications that they can expect to see from you in the future. Namely, you’re showing that you will engage and that they have an easy channel to handle administrative concerns.

Selecting which college, university, trade school, vocational school, or other higher education institution to attend is one of the most monumental decisions anyone can make. Students want to ensure that they’re making the right one. A simple text can show them that they are.


engagement rate of text message marketing


Employ Automated Campaigns to Text Appointment Reminders

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With just a few clicks you can send texts to thousands of prospects. Message leads with updates on application reminders, campus tours, upcoming deadlines, orientation notifications, and more.


Link Relevant, Trackable Details with SMS Texts

Streamline the process even further by including relevant details like appointment dates, time, and addresses, and other pertinent info. You want to make your reminder as informative as possible. Should the student come early for paperwork or bring any particular materials to the meeting? Are there parking instructions? If so, include these details in your reminder text.

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Gain even more insights with easy-to-track links to website portals that can help you confirm that your texts are being read and reacted to.



Make it Easy to Confirm or Reschedule

Not all important appointments can be kept. Some will need to be rescheduled. Make the process as easy as possible and avoid costly delays with an SMS reminder text. Give recipients the option to confirm or reschedule. They’re more likely to respond using the convenience of text than by putting in a separate call.

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And when appointments open up from cancellations, you can even send texts to any students who may have asked to be put on a wait list.

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