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3 Highlights From EZ Texting’s 2022 Consumer Text Behavior Report

The top three takeaways from our latest State of Texting release.

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June 22, 2022
EZ Texting
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For our new 2022 Consumer Texting Behavior Report EZ Texting surveyed more than 3,000 U.S. consumers to determine their attitudes, behaviors, and preferences regarding text messaging for businesses and organizations. We uncovered some fascinating new data, along with some surprising changes from the last time we conducted this survey in 2021.

Our latest survey findings clearly demonstrate text messaging’s continued popularity with consumers and reinforces the idea that when you want your message seen, send a text.

1. Text Has Grown in Popularity Year over Year across All Categories

With the wild adoption of text messaging for businesses throughout these Covid years it’s not hard to understand why text messaging would see such substantial YoY growth. From appointment reminders (up 10% to 75% consumer approval) to customer support (also up 10% to 34%), the fact that consumer preference improved across every message type is substantial.

Graph of what messages have the most text appeal

Also notable, as much as text messaging grew in consumer appeal over the previous year, email fell almost equally, also across all categories. (We still suggest that text and email marketing work hand-in-hand to drive better overall results for most businesses.)

2. Consumers Overwhelmingly Feel This One Emotion When They Receive a Text

Not only do we know from our previous surveys that customers want to communicate with businesses via text — 69% of consumers want to be able to text businesses — but this year we found that the feeling most consumers have when receiving a new text message isn’t annoyance or frustration it’s curiosity! And by a large margin with 64% of consumers saying they feel “curious” when receiving a new text.

Consumers feel positively towards new texts

Many owners and marketers considering text messaging for their business are concerned about being bothersome to their contacts with messages sent to their phones. It’s true that text messaging allows you to get closer to your contacts by connecting with them in a more intimate manner, but our reporting has found the opposite. Businesses that provide value and convenience in their messaging can not only strengthen their bonds with their customers and contacts, but also drive new sales, dramatically cut down on no shows, boost event attendance, and more.

3. Convenience Continues to Drive Consumer Text Appeal

“Convenience is king,” you may have heard, and with the power of push notifications sending your messages directly to the home screens of your contacts no channel offers more convenience than text. In fact 56% of consumers surveyed this year told us that “Texting is a convenient way to reach me no matter where I am” — nearly a 10 point jump in just one year!

Text benefits chart

And exactly half of all consumers surveyed told us, “Texting is a faster way to reach me.” But it’s not just convenient for consumers, it’s convenient for your business too!

When you send a message you want to make sure it’s going to be read… and soon. This is just one more way that text messaging for your business delivers.

How long does it take to read and respond to texts chart

According to our survey, 65% of consumers read new text messages within 5 minutes of receipt and 55% of consumers respond within 5 minutes! Proving a level of engagement you won’t find through any other channel.

Visit the 2022 Consumer Behavior Report to view full results, including consumer preferences for what message types appeal to consumers, the best times to send a text, and what makes a consumer unsubscribe from a text list.

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