5 Hotel Mobile Marketing Tips to Get More Reservations

30 Jul

From hotel reservations to rental car pick-up, consumers are using their mobile devices for more travel-related tasks than ever before. In fact, recent data shows that 26% of travel searches in the fourth quarter of last year occurred on a mobile device.

As a hotel marketer, you don’t have all the money or time in the world to commit to mobile marketing practices that don’t work for you and your business. When new reservations are lacking, you have to find a mobile marketing solution that works – fast.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and strategies that you can take advantage of right now to immediately increase reservations. Following these expert tips will even save you some valuable time and money along the way!

5 Hotel Mobile Marketing Tips to Boost Reservations

If your hotel is struggling to generate mobile business, following these five tips will put you on the path to success. Swipe and start using these tips right now: 

1. Get Local With Google My Business

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile is a vital piece of your hotel’s online marketing. According to Travel Tripper, an effective GMB profile can bring over 50% of organic traffic to a hotels website and increase room bookings.

Creating a GMB profile is simple and easy, you just have to verify your business credentials. After you claim your listing, Google will mail you a postcard containing a special pin number. They will send this postcard to your business address. Once you receive it, you simply follow the instructions on the card to claim your listing.

From there, you will want to make sure that all the information on your listing is up-to-date and accurate. You should also consider appending UTM codes to the end of your website URL. These codes will allow you to determine how much of your website traffic is coming from your listing when you reviewed your data in Google analytics.

2. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s no surprise that social media can make this list. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the perfect place to capture people’s attention when they are dreaming and planning their next travel journey.

As you plan your mobile strategy, consider the way that users are interacting with social media and how you can stand out. Friends and family tend to share photos of trips that spark wanderlust in a person and get them dreaming about a trip of their own. This type of content is called user-generated content and is a powerful marketing tool for your hotel.

You can participate in this experience by encouraging your guest to share memorable moments at your hotel with their social networks.

Marriott International is a great example of using engaging and edgy content to interact with their audience. One of their latest initiatives included a partnership between GoPro and their flagship Marriott Hotels, located in the Caribbean and Latin America. As guests checked in, they could ask the front desk for a complimentary GoPro Hero4 and were encouraged to share their videos and photos on social media using the hashtags #GoPro, #travelbrilliantly and #viajegenial.

The strategy worked incredibly effectively to create a ton of user-generated content while expanding awareness of the hotel and the destination.

3. Manage Review Sites

Customer service and marketing go hand-in-hand in the hospitality industry. When you go above and beyond for your customers, they are more likely to leave you amazing online reviews. Sharing these stellar customer service stories can be a great way to lead more business to you.

One of the most popular websites in the world for people that are planning to travel is TripAdvisor.

Nearly every hotel in the world has a listing on TripAdvisor — which is why they are such an important resource.

To get started with reviews, first, you need to claim your listing. Make sure that all of the contact and location information for your head hotel is up-to-date and accurate. You should add photos, property descriptions, and amenities information.

After your listing receives reviews, make sure that you take the time to respond — to positive and negative reviews both. It’s important for potential guests to see that you care about their experience.

The Hotel and Resort Text Message Marketing Playbook

4. Invest in Professional Photography

As people are searching for an ideal hotel to stay in during their travels, pictures are literally worth a thousand words.

The photographs that you post on your website and other online assets help people understand and emotionally connect with the experience they will have. Your photography should include images of the hotel itself, on-site amenities, individual rooms, and also the surrounding area.

People travel to experience a destination. Take the time to invest in professional photography that tells the story of their adventure after they choose to book with you.

5. Invest in Text Message Marketing

Gone are the days when hotels were simply a place for guests to sleep. In today’s fast-paced digital world, hotels must exceed guest expectations. Exceeding expectations starts by being able to respond to requests quickly and simplifying a guest ability to communicate with you.

There are a wide variety of questions the guest could ask you. These questions could be as simple as requesting more towels or asking for an insider experience of local attractions. Your team should be able to respond no matter the situation quickly.

A few ways that hotels can leverage text message marketing to streamline these communications include:

  • Allowing guests to order in-room dining and make reservations at on-site restaurants.
  • Upselling services at on-site amenities such as booking spa appointments, scheduling tours, or arranging transportation.
  • Giving guests the ability to text you when they need things like towels, pillows, blankets, or would like to request a late checkout.
  • Requesting reviews from guests that have had a positive experience.
  • Making them aware of limited time promotions such as incentives for booking during a specific time frame.

Get a Text Marketing Playbook With 16 Hotel SMS Templates

When you are just getting started with a mobile marketing strategy, you need all the help you can get. We’ve already talked about how helpful text message marketing can be as part of your overall hotel mobile marketing plan.

By taking advantage of the tips we’ve listed above, you can grow your bookings quickly and move to the top of your local market.

If you’re ready to move your text message marketing tactics to the top of your strategy, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of the most powerful text messages that are hotel customers have used it to grow their businesses. You can access it right now, for free. Our Text Marketing Playbook for Hotels and Resorts will give you SMS templates that you can copy and start using today to get the results you’re looking for.

The Hotel and Resort Text Message Marketing Playbook

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