How Automating Texting Can Help You Operate Your Business More Efficiently

21 Nov

Business leaders shout the following phrase daily: “I could get more done if I didn't waste so much time on the little things!”

The good news is that EZ Texting provides you with the ability to do just that – get more done by eliminating some of the repetitive tasks that slow companies down. Check out how EZ Texting can help you run your business more efficiently.

Send out reminder campaigns

Birthdays and payment reminders are messages you’d send to customers on a fixed basis, but they take a lot of time to create. Rather than waste time setting up individual texts for every occurrence, you can “set it and forget it” with recurring reminders. Customize them for each contact or create templates to use and reuse. Either way, they save you time and energy in your day.

Build auto-response texts

When customers text your short code with keywords (typically as part of a promo), answering them takes time, and it means your team can't take care of more pressing matters. To make the most of your team’s skills, you can set up custom auto-response texts like “Thank you for contacting us – enjoy 20% off your next purchase!” Customers will appreciate hearing back, and your staff can be used to the best of their abilities.


These are just two ways that texting can help you streamline your business’s operations. Automating certain aspects of the customer service experience allows you more time to create better products and services.

Got a question on how to make automation work for you? Call our Customer Success Managers at (800) 753-5732; they’ll help you get started today!

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