How Can My Dental Practice Use Text Marketing?

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How Can My Dental Practice Use Text Marketing?

Say the word “dentist” and many will cringe. Your seat is often one of the most avoided seats, yet it is inevitable that we will have to become well-acquainted with it someday. As someone who has a dental practice, you may find that people are flighty or hostile during your interactions. If you want to develop better relationships with clients, text marketing can help you manifest clients’ expectations into a more pleasant e. Consider these tactics for your dental SMS marketing campaign to help grow your practice.

Check In

When a potential new client calls your office to make an appointment, you can prompt them to create a profile with whichever patient portal you use, in order to have them opt-in for communication via text messaging. If they agree to receive text messages from you, then you can begin to build a relationship with them. Prior to their appointment, remind them to engage in self-care practices to ease off any anxiety, and simply let them know they are in safe hands. After their appointment, send a simple survey, or personalized question, to see how satisfied they were with their visit and how it can better improve (if at all).

Appointment Reminders

Reminders are a must for healthcare professionals. People are often preoccupied in their heads with daily to-do tasks and endless chatter. This may result in missed appointments. You don’t want to end up sitting around waiting for a no-show, while missing out on money, so use text messages to remind clients about the agreed appointment’s date and time. Let clients know that they must reschedule within a certain umbrella of time to ensure that your time is valued as well.  

Text Alerts for Specials and Cosmetic Services

If you are trying to push certain cosmetic services in your office, then you can text personalized ads to your subscriber list. Show clients that they are not limited to routine procedures by offering a discount on their first cosmetic service. Additionally, whenever you have specials on products or services, send an alert to your subscribed clients so that they can snatch up the deal immediately.

Provide After-Care Tips

Let your clients know that you genuinely care about their health by sending a follow-up text, post appointment. A few days after their appointment, provide clients with a couple helpful tips for managing their specific condition, maintaining good oral health, or caring for their cosmetic work.

Ultimately, if you want to improve your dental practice, you must become a friend to your clients. Use SMS marketing to organically build loyalty amongst your clients.