How Can Texting Boost Engagement and Spread Positivity?

How to Use Text Marketing to Boost Engagement and Spread Positivity
How Can Texting Boost Engagement and Spread Positivity?

At EZ Texting, we talk a lot about how text marketing can help you grow your list and increase sales. But many organizations strive for something else. They try to engage with subscribers and help them succeed. Can texting boost engagement and spread positivity? The answer is yes!

Uplift and Engage

One of EZ Texting’s nonprofit clients, A Beautiful Me, is on a mission to “foster self-worth in all women of all ages.” On their website, A Beautiful Me invites visitors to sign up to self-esteem boosting text messages. Founder and executive director Karen Palka explains, “Instead of eliminating the phone in the hands of youth, we supplement and provide a positive text 2x per month.” In addition to making a positive impact on subscribers, the organization has found that the text program has helped convert supporters into donors.

Encourage and Remind

Another client explains how they use EZ Texting to keep fitness clients engaged: "We use EZ Texting to administer a portion of our nutrition coaching. So, they may receive reminder texts, a message with a link to check in on, or links to lessons for a daily reading. We have found that sending it to them directly, eliminating the login or ‘check your email’ step, has improved our read rate and adherence by at least 60%.”

How Can Texting Help You?

Using bulk texting software makes it easy to set up and send out thousands of notifications at once. This can be affirmations, reminders, alerts, or any other message that encourages engagement with your audience. Your contacts, like everyone else, probably receive tons of marketing messages every day. Think how much they’ll appreciate a text that puts a smile on their face or helps them reach a personal goal. Text messages have the added benefit of a 98% open rate – something no other communication channel can match.

Take the First Step

If you’d like use texting to boost engagement or just spread good thoughts, we can help! Learn more about how EZ Texting by calling our Client Success Managers (855) 854-3024 or give it a try today!


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