How to Choose a Texting Service for Business: 5 Things to Review

How to Choose a Texting Service for Business: 5 Things to Review

For many, finding the right texting service for business can be a real headache — with so many service providers to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your organization? Moreover, what features and functions should you prioritize to meet your organization's unique demands?

You know that business text messaging is an effective and affordable marketing and communications tool— 49% of EZ Texting customers surveyed see better results by sending MMS — but with so many variables at play, it's difficult to find a solutions partner that understands your business and industry.

Taking some preparatory steps to find the right SMS marketing provider will alleviate some of the stress surrounding the decision-making process. We recommend outlining your company's business text messaging objectives, internal infrastructure, and more to find an ideal solutions partner. Before setting out on your business text messaging journey, ask yourself the following five questions:

Choosing the Right Texting Service for Business

Selecting the right SMS marketing vendor is critical to the success of your organization. From retail and nonprofits to faith-based organizations and real estate, thousands rely on text messaging as an easy-to-use and high-impact tool for communicating with customers. In fact, we've worked with more than 210,000 business that use SMS to connect with customers.

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Texting Services for Business:

1. How Difficult is it to Get Started?

2. Do They Understand my Business's Needs?

3. Does the Solutions Provider Deliver Powerful Features?

4. Is the Customer Service Team Actually Helpful?

5. Will it Make the Company Money?

1.How Difficult is it to Get Started?

For businesses eager to "hit the ground running," a complex setup can quickly stifle momentum. There's nothing worse than wading through pages of procedural documents, right? To make matters worse, it can be difficult to rally key stakeholders behind heavy, multiplex systems.

The best business text messaging services make setup easy and stress-free. During setup, customer support teams should be able to answer your questions, guide you through every step of the process, and troubleshoot should any unforeseen issues arise. Moreover, world-class customer support teams will check in after setup to make sure things are running smoothly.

2. Do They Understand my Business's Needs?

For many businesses, finding the right texting service partner means selecting a supplier that understands the unique needs of the business. There are plenty of "one size fits all" business text messaging solutions out there, but does the team really understand the inner-workings of your business or industry? Prioritize business texting providers that invest valuable time and energy to understand your business's unique pain points. Ideally, the solutions provider will provide a powerful and targeted solution built specially for you.

EZ Texting is built to accommodate most small and medium-size businesses. Additionally, EZ Texting offers a powerful API for larger businesses with specialized use cases.

3. Does the Solutions Provider Deliver Powerful Features?

There are plenty of business texting suppliers that overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to system features and functionality. Try to prioritize suppliers that offer best-in-class and advanced features including drip campaigns, text forwarding, recurring messages, and more. How does one particular solutions provider stand out from the competition? What does it promise to do that others can't? More importantly, benchmark your business text message marketing goals and objectives against the provider's features suite. Does your business really need everything that the solutions provider offers?

See our list of advanced features here.

EZ Texting delivers powerful features and advanced functionality. Using simple short codes and Keywords, businesses can interact with customers within minutes!

4. Is the Customer Service Team Actually Helpful?

More than advanced features and high-powered functionality, consider the solution provider's customer support team. Are they able to provide the expert care and directional support needed to become a business text message marketing champion? More than just being able to answer questions and troubleshoot when issues arise, the customer support team should be able to provide some practical advice and expertise around business text messaging marketing as a whole. What are the top characteristics of a successful SMS and MMS marketing campaign? What do you need to know right now in order to attract and engage a larger audience of high-paying customers? The best customer support teams should be able to answer these and other questions.

You don't have to become an SMS marketing master overnight. EZ Texting is here to guide you every step of the way. Client Success Managers are ready to assist, answer questions, and provide support when needed.

5. Will it Make my Company Money?

Finally, how will the business text messaging partner help make your company money? There are plenty of value-driven use cases for SMS and MMS messaging including sales promotions, marketing campaigns, discounts, product launches, appointment reminders, and more. Your business texting solutions partner should be well-equipped to help you unlock high-value, profitable, and revenue-generating business text message marketing activities.

EZ Texting customers that use EZ Texting's MMS service weekly saw an average of 30% improved results.

Find the Right Texting Service for Business

Are you ready to invest in a world-class business text messaging solutions partner? EZ Texting makes it simple to communicate with your contacts via SMS messages. Our powerful business text messaging tool allows industry-leading businesses to acquire contacts, engage audiences, provide service, and more. Thousands of businesses rely on our enterprise-class and easy-to-use SMS and MMS messaging service to inspire more thoughtful, interactive, and engaging communication with customers worldwide.


Launch a successful business text messaging campaign with EZ Texting! Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. We've helped countless organizations SMS and MMS campaigns. Call (855) 854-3024 to learn about our flexible and affordable pricing plans.

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