How to Create a Reminder Campaign

25 Nov

Are you tired of making notes on little slips of paper, adding voice reminders to your phone, and generally forgetting a lot of small details that would make your life better? Welcome to modern life, where it can be incredibly hard to juggle all of those details. If you want to make your customers' lives a little easier, adding a texting service with a reminder campaign can be exactly what they need. 

What is a Reminder Campaign? 

A reminder campaign is a text messaging campaign that you set up to remind your customers or clients about specific events that need to occur. These could include: 

  • Making a payment soon
  • Paying an overdue bill
  • Ordering supplies 
  • Making an appointment 
  • Attending an event or appointment

Other ideas: contact your customers on special days, such as their birthday or the anniversary of their first purchase with your company. You can also prompt them to visit your website by letting them know that you miss them.

Reminder campaigns are convenient for your customers and prompt them to take action to purchase goods or book events or appointments. Whether you're managing a doctor's office, a school, or a theater, reminder campaigns can also reduce no-shows.

Texting service

How to Create a Reminder Campaign 

When you're working with a texting service, it's easy to set up a reminder campaign. You'll need to upload your list of contacts and decide when you would like to send your messages. For example, if you want your clients to have enough time to change or cancel a medical appointment, you could send a reminder two days in advance. You can choose different reminder times for different activities. For instance, customers will appreciate longer notice for payment reminders. 

Make sure that your reminders are real reminders, not just notices about your business. Think of a reminder campaign as a service that you provide for your customers to make their lives easier. It's a service that's also a boost for your business.

Tailor your message to a specific group of customers or clients, just as you would with other text messages. For instance, a "we miss you" reminder will be much more effective with customers who used to interact with your business frequently but have not visited you in a month or two.

Why Text Works 

Why would you choose a texting service as your top choice for a reminder campaign? It works. According to Business2Community, "the average open rate of a text message sits at about 99%, while email ranges from 28-33%." Text messages reach people when they are out. If you want to remind them about an event that's happening tomorrow, a text message is the best way to get a subscriber's attention right away.

Are you ready to connect with your customers? At EZ Texting, we'll help you remind your customers about all of the benefits of your business. Whether you want them to redeem an offer or come to your sale, you can let them know about all of the opportunities that you've created. Do you want to try EZ Texting? Sign up for free today.

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