How an Energy Consultant Saves His Clients Money With Real-Time Mobile Updates

Using Text Marketing to Save Time and Money
How an Energy Consultant Saves His Clients Money With Real-Time Mobile Updates

As anyone with an electric bill can attest, energy costs tend to fluctuate over time. When using energy on an industrial scale even slight variations can be costly. In recent years, the formerly consistent and predictable peaks and valleys of energy use have given way to real-time, demand-based pricing, which means the cost of running a piece of machinery can vary by the hour, making it difficult for businesses to clearly see opportunities for savings.

Graeme Cox, a sales professional at EnPowered Solutions — an energy consultancy that works with firms in the industrial sector, where electricity consumption tends to be high — noticed many of his customers struggling to stay ahead of market variances.  He needed a way to communicate pricing shifts quickly and efficiently to his customers. After trying other text marketing services, he finally found everything he was looking for in EZ Texting’s business texting platform.

“I needed a quick and reliable solution that would allow me to communicate time-sensitive information. I love the fact that EZ Texting’s messages are sent instantly without any delays.”
—Graeme Cox, Sales, EnPowered Solutions

By using EZ Texting, EnPowered Solutions is able to offer reliable, real-time, mobile alerts to its customers, as well as group customers by location (also known as "segmentation") so that when demand spikes in a specific geographic area, the company can instantly notify all those impacted, including employees working directly on the production floor, such as facility managers or engineers.

Cox says the new text strategy has been a huge hit with clients, who now have near-instant access to the information they need to adjust energy usage, forecast costs accurately and save money.

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—Fredrick Doss, M.A., Legislative Director
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