How EZ Texting Helps Fitness Clubs and Trainers Protect Against the “February Cliff”

29 Jan

All fitness professionals sadly know about the “February Cliff.” January is packed with clients whose New Year’s Resolutions are to finally get in shape, but often those goals regress back to the temptations of candy, snacking, and carb-loading.

Discover how EZ Texting help gyms and other related companies keep client engagement high and treadmills full:

Standard SMS Text Engagement

Before you can text anyone, you have to have their written or electronic consent. But once you have it, the EZ Texting application offers a wide variety of texting solutions to keep engagement up and gym participation high. The most commonly used feature is just the standard text message. You have 160 characters (a character is a letter, number, space, or punctuation note) to tell your contacts about promotions, specials, fitness tips, new equipment, healthy food ideas, and more.

You can even send an MMS, which is a text that has a picture, sound file, or short video attached. A picture is worth a thousand words, so MMS can go beyond a basic text message to really get clients excited.

Recurring Texts

From billing notifications to personal training reminders, there are many reasons to set up scheduled texts. However, this can be a time drain that takes employees away from more important duties. Recurring texts solve this problem. You can set these texts to go out at scheduled intervals, such as daily or weekly, and even select the time. This will help cut down on appointment no-shows and keep your clients engaged with their fitness goals. Recurring texts are a perfect tool for sending nutrition tips and training best practices, all without requiring a log in or relying on email. One EZ client went this route and improved their open rates by 60%!

Keywords and Short Codes

Perhaps you’ve looked around and thought “Is the gym too big, or do we just have too few clients?” It’s easier to fix the latter, and using keywords and short codes can help you acquire new customers. EZ Texting clients utilize a shared short code, such as 797979. Keywords are customizable words that are 2-12 characters in length and are unique to each company; they also ensure that texts sent to a shared short code end up in the correct mailbox.

You’ll want to advertise keywords on social media, flyers, and more, and a sample ad might be:

“Start hitting your fitness goals! Text HEALTHYME to 797979 and get your first month free at Jim’s Gym!”

In this ad, 797979 is the shared short code, and HEALTHYME is the unique keyword owned by Jim’s Gym that ensures texts meant for Jim don’t end up in a different inbox.

EZ Texting’s application features all these solutions, and much more, all designed to help you get new customers, keep them engaged with your business, and boosting your profits.

Got questions about how they can work for you? Or maybe you want to get started? Contact our Client Success Managers today at (855) 854-3024.

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