How EZ Texting Helps You Pump Up Your Fitness Business

04 Jan

Helping your clients find success in the fitness industry is tough; personal trainers complain about no-shows, gym members are often at a loss for how to reach their health goals, and employees struggle to answer every question from clients. So what’s the solution?

Check out how bulk texting enables trainers and gym administrators to strengthen their operations and help people find fitness success:


Standard text messages


Got a new personal training client? Want to keep customers engaged with their goals? Text messages can be set up to remind clients of appointment dates and times to reduce no-shows. You can also send texts with workout tips or info about healthy eating to all your members, or divide them into groups - such as the Bicep Battalion or Ab Assault - to more strategically engage them based on their interests.


Keywords and shared short codes


“Text FITNESSGOALS to 313131 to learn how you can become a healthier you!” A gym or personal trainer might want to drum up business by advertising this message on:

  • social media
  • billboards
  • flyers
  • mailers
  • posters
  • on-site signage

Most bulk texting services utilize short codes (in this case, 313131), which are shared among their users; shared codes make bulk texting affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Keywords, such as FITNESSGOALS, are used to ensure that texts sent to a shared short code end up in the right mailbox. As a best practice, you can also set up an auto-reply with healthy tips and next steps.


Polls and surveys


Not every client is the same, and they all have different goals and needs, so you’ll need a way to determine what’s important to them. Polls and survey texts can do just that. Using a keyword, such as PERFECTGYM, you can ask a question and include up to five answer choices, which are also known as sub-keywords. Perhaps you’d like to know what your members would like from your gym. You can ask that question, and offer up keyword/sub-keyword choices such as PERFECTGYM DUMBBELLS or PERFECTGYM TREADMILL. By acting on what your customers want, you’ll be creating the fitness environment they desire, ensuring they’re more likely to reach their fitness goals.

EZ Texting’s platform provides all these tools, and so much more. Your members have fitness goals to achieve while you have company goals to hit. Reaching them has never been easier. You can set up any of these texting solutions in 30 seconds, and even track results to fine-tune your message.

Get started today! Call our Client Success Managers at (800) 753-5732 to learn more!

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