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How to Get the Most Value From a Business Text Messaging Service

How to Get the Most Value From a Business Text Messaging Service

If you're in the process of finding a texting service for business, there are some preparatory steps that you can take to make adoption and implementation easy and stress-free. Many of the world's fastest-growing businesses use text message marketing to encourage more meaningful and authentic interactions with customers. Moreover, text message marketing is a proven and cost-effective way to maximize conversions and drive sales.

What can businesses do to unlock the full potential of a business text messaging service? To make the most of your software solution, consider the following 5 principles:

Make the Most of Your Business Text Messaging Service

From nonprofits and real estate to faith-based and retail, business text messaging services are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with audiences. To deliver more effective interactions with consumers via business text messaging applications, you should:

1. Create a Keyword and Get a Keyword

2. Commit to Clean Data

3. Leverage SMS for Multiple Use Cases

4. Answer Customer's Questions

5. Lean on Customer Support Teams

1. Create a Keyword and Get a Short Code

The first step to make the most of your business text messaging marketing campaign is to create a keyword and get a short code. A Keyword and short code is an easy way for contacts to subscribe to your SMS marketing list. These codes are typically five to six characters in length. Most often, the short code is paired with a simple and easy-to-remember word or phrase like "subscribe" or "discount." The short code is generated by the SMS or MMS provider. Retail businesses may use a short code and Keyword to promote an upcoming sales event, while a real estate company could create a Keyword to encourage prospective homebuyers to learn more about specific properties.

Text "house" to short code 858585 to find out more about a home you have seen advertised Text "offer" to short code 858585 to get a free beverage with your next pizza order Text "donate" to short code 858585 to contribute to your church's charitable work After you've compiled a contact list, customers have "opted in" to receive future updates. Users can opt out of bulk messaging any time they choose, usually by texting "stop" to the same short code.

2. Commit to Clean Data

Secondly, businesses should acquire clean data and commit to routine maintenance. What is "clean data" exactly? When a business captures data through SMS marketing, it should be done through an opt-in mechanism. Additionally, users should have the ability to opt out at any time. Without these safeguards in place, businesses may face legal ramifications. Moreover, the data should be well-organized and easy to access. The text message marketing provider should make it easy for organizations to segment contacts based on a variety of criteria. Always check to make sure that data is systematized and arranged in a way that allows stakeholders to quickly access customer information. Additionally, the business texting provider should have security protocols in place to protect sensitive user data including name, contact number, and more.

3. Leverage SMS for Multiple Use Cases

To make the most of the business texting solution, organizations should look for multiple ways to utilize the system. There are so many opportunities where SMS and MMS messages lead to more favorable and engaging interactions between businesses and customers. Potential use cases include:

  • Send promotions to new customers or affiliates
  • Encourage customers to join an exclusive mailing list
  • Schedule reminders or appointment
  • Send event notifications
  • Send alerts to employees

Business texting works for any kind of message that you want opened fast!


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4. Answer Customer's Questions

Achieve expedited business texting results by answering customer's questions. EZ Chat allows users to have personalized, one-on-one conversations with contacts. 80% of customers prefer using text-based customer service over online or phone help. Moreover, EZ Texting's convenient chat system can improve customer service, personalize communications, and strategically target individual contacts.


5. Lean on Customer Support Teams

A final tip for leveraging the full potential of your text message marketing supplier is to lean on customer support teams for help and directional insight A best-in-class customer support team should be well-equipped to answer your questions and troubleshoot when unforeseen issues arise. Beyond serving as your technical support team, customer service should also be able to provide some key insights around business text message marketing as a whole. What are the components of a high-powered SMS marketing campaign? Are there any simple techniques to convert more opted-in contacts? The best customer support teams will be able to answer these and other questions!

Did you know that EZ Texting's Customer Support Managers provide expert SMS marketing guidance? You don't have to become an SMS marketing master overnight. Customer Support Managers will guide you every step of the way — it's that easy!

Get Started With EZ Texting

Unlocking the full value of your business text messaging service is key to creating high-impact and engaging marketing and communications activity. For many businesses, uncovering the full potential of a business text messaging service can lead to higher customer engagement and increased revenues. With a masterful command of SMS marketing and communications, businesses and organizations have the firepower needed to develop world-class marketing campaigns, high-powered interactions, and value-driven communications. Fortunately, EZ Texting makes "getting up to speed" easy!

In just five minutes, you can be on your way towards creating impactful SMS marketing campaigns. Gain an extra leg-up on the competition with EZ Texting by:

  • Creating a Keyword and get short code and publicizing it
  • Creating a communications plan and sticking to it
  • Sending a campaign and monitoring results
  • Creating groups to send targeted messages
  • Looking for opportunities to try new things

SMS text marketing is proven to play a vital role in any mobile marketing strategy. Not only does it have a broader reach than any other form of direct marketing, it uses an immediate and intimate channel of communication that people frequently interact with. Are you ready to launch a successful text message marketing campaign with EZ Texting? Customer Support Managers are ready to assist. Call (855) 854-3024 to learn about our flexible pricing plans.



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