How to Grow Your Customer Base With Business Texting

How to Grow Your Customer Base With Business Texting

Are you struggling to grow your customer base? You're not alone.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses that face serious difficulties building brand awareness, attracting high-paying customers, and nurturing those customers into lifelong supporters and advocates. The fact is, increasing customer retention rates, even by 5 percent, can lead to a 25% increase in profits. If attracting prospects and gaining their loyalty isn't a part of your business growth strategy, your business is destined to fail.

The savviest entrepreneurs invest heavily in business texting as a means to grow their businesses. There's no disputing that text messaging is one of the most exciting technologies for businesses in today's direct marketing environment. More and more businesses are even investing in text-to-landline as a way to connect with more prospects and customers. With engagement rates far higher than email, print, and social media marketing, text messaging is a simple and easy way to attract new customers, develop high-value relationships, and increase sales. Moreover, most customers prefer texting over any communications channels.

If you're considering text message marketing for your own business, we'll give you everything you need to know on how to grow your customer base with business texting. Use these expert insights to become a text message superstar overnight.

4 Keys to Grow Your Customer Base With Business Texting

We've helped more than 210,000 industry-leading businesses, organizations, and nonprofits achieve business texting success. As such, we know exactly what it takes to reach text marketing stardom. Follow these simple steps to grow your business using a text-enabled landline service.

1. Interact More Seamlessly With New Customers

If you haven't invested in text-to-landline for your business, chances are the prospects and customers are already texting you, and without a text-enabled business line, their important messages are being missed. Oftentimes, these missed messages translate to hundreds (or thousands) of dollars lost. The most successful business owners and marketers make it easy for customers to interact with their business.

2. Get More Leads

How many phone calls do you miss after business hours? With a text-enabled business landline, customers can reach your business at their convenience, not just during open business hours or when a customer service associate is available to take their call. Additionally, business texting dramatically cuts down on long hold times. Your leads will appreciate the convenience, immediacy, and ease-of-access that only a text-to-landline service can provide.

3. Provide Effective Customer Service

A text-enabled landline can help you deliver more effective and direct customer service. From the customer's perspective, there's nothing worse than submitting a service request only to receive a follow-up days later. By investing in a text-to-landline service, customer service inquiries can be made in seconds and responded to in minutes. The businesses that deliver the best customer service are the businesses that attract and retain the most customers. Why? When customers have a positive experience with your business or organization, they are more likely to leave higher ratings on third-party review sites.

Bonus: Don't forget to update your Google My Business, Yelp, Instagram, and other review sites. Be sure to let visitors know that your landline is now text-enabled!

4. Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Team

A text-enabled business landline will help you keep track of customer information, manage workflows, and more. Without a centralized communications channel like a business texting platform, it's difficult to stay on top of important customers' messages and requests. By unifying your business communications, sales, marketing, and customer support teams can work more effectively and proactively.

Grow Your Business With Text-to-Landline

As a decision-maker at a growing brand, you understand the value of investing in the right kinds of marketing tools for your business. In recent years, texting has become a proven and results-driven marketing channel for industry-leading businesses and organizations. And the fact is, if you haven't invested in text-to-landline for your business by now, your competitors probably have. Your competitors are using text-to-landline to achieve business growth.

Your business needs to join the conversation!


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