How to Inspire Action with Your Holiday Text Message Promotions

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November 13, 2017
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It's holiday time again! While retailers may be rejoicing, often your customers feel the strain of too much shopping and too much advertising. How can you make sure that your holiday text message marketing actually hits the mark and doesn't exhaust your subscribers? Get them excited about making a purchase or stopping by your store to redeem a special offer, and draw them in to make further purchases for the holidays as well.


What's the Next Step in Using Holiday Text Messages for Promotions?

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Ensure customers feel connected to your company this holiday season. According to Sociomantic, "brands overwhelm consumers by serving ads too frequently, causing consumers to feel “stalked” and ultimately leaving them with negative brand associations."

By sending them an offer that's exciting and saves them time and money, you reduce the overwhelm of the holiday season and strengthen your connection. Sending a Holiday Sales Text to get people in stores is a more authentic shopping experience. 

Text Marketing for the Holidays is the Right Medium for the Season

When you send a Holiday SMS Promotion, your message is much more likely to get to your intended audience. Shoppers may ignore Facebook ads and emails when they are swamped with advertising messages. However, your subscribers receive texts on their mobile phones, which are generally by their side. Text messages are a rapid and highly effective way to get your message to customers. Entrepreneur explains that these messages should be "laser focused and succinct.”


Holiday Text Messages Should Focus on Action

When you develop your holiday-related text message marketing campaigns, focus on making life easier for customers during this season and how you can use best text messaging practices to encourage customer engagement:


6 Key Holiday SMS Takeaways for the Best Holiday Ever!


Text Can’t-Miss Holiday Coupons, Deals & Promos

Entice holiday shoppers with textable (and trackable) coupons and promotions. Over the holidays — and one where so many are experiencing economic upheavals — price-slashing deals are hard to pass up on! Offer customers and VIP clients exciting BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals, price cuts, or cash off their purchase. As an extra bonus, textable coupons bring customers inside your store (either physically or virtually) — research shows that text promotions offer redemption rates of 70-80%. This also translates into more time browsing and buying other items. It’s a win-win!


Promote Keywords, Short Codes & Text-to-Landline Numbers

A Keyword is a short word or phrase that customers use to opt-in to ongoing text communications. A Short Code or your Text-to-Landline Number is the number they use to text you (like a phone number is the number to call you). 

Encourage customers to subscribe for VIP promos and important updates (like different opening hours or safety precautions) by promoting your Keyword for maximum subscriber opt-ins. 

How? Show it off on in-store signage, on the back of receipts, in email signatures, and other high-traffic offline and online sources.


Minimize Abandoned Cart Syndrome

We’re all busy during the holiday season! Naturally, so are your customers! There may be a lot of gifts to buy (and price-check), as well as latkes to bake and Christmas trees to figure out how to buy in a socially distant way. It’s easy to understand how a client may leave a purchase in an online cart… and then forget to return to purchase it. 

Send an automatized text so that you can interact with customers, reminding them of the item and addressing any concerns they may have with 1-on-1 Chat. You’re more likely to close the sale!


Generate Valuable Content Across All Channels

Whether your store is bricks-and-mortar or eComm, your info doesn't need to exist solely in the form of paper handouts. Your retail customers enjoy and expect you to have a rich website full of information. For example, if you want your customers to try out your products, make sure to have a strong FAQ section focused on their questions and needs. 

But you don’t need to take it from us. My Total Retail advises that an "online presence needs to be about much more than the products you sell. A website or mobile site should be an educational resource for consumers, offering unique photos, videos, tools, blog posts, reviews and more."


Host a Special Holiday Giveaway

Everyone likes to get something for free. If you'd like to boost customer engagement, host a giveaway. You don’t even need to do this in a store, you could accept online applicants as well. Best of all, you can promote your giveaway through text message marketing (since these messages are opened in an average of three minutes from their receipt).

And if subscribers opt-in to your database for a chance to win, they’ll stay to learn about more deals and updates!


Encourage Customers to Give You Feedback

Talking with your customers is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your customers. Only your customers can tell you about their questions, their favorite products, and where they hope that you'll go next. Encourage them to share their feedback with you and others (via sites like Yelp) by texting this request and including a link to simplify the process. 

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