How to Leverage EZ Texting’s Valentine’s Day Templates to Boost Engagement!

How to Leverage EZ Texting’s Valentine’s Day Templates to Boost Engagement!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and that means your customers will be doing something special for their special someone. But the fact of the matter is that businesses can also do something for their special someones, aka their contacts and customers. See how EZ Texting Valentine's Day templates work and how they can drive engagement for your company.

Download a Template

EZ Texting has created a variety of Valentine’s Day image templates for you to download and use as part of your marketing strategy. Of course, sending one to your customers means you’re sending an MMS, not an SMS. SMS are text-only, while MMS enable you to attach a file (such as a happy Valentine's Day picture) along with a message. Sending one of these special images may engage your contacts far more effectively than a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” text will.

Pick an Image You Can Tie Into Business Goals

While pretty greetings may not be direct money-makers, seasonal promotions are an opportunity to boost engagement with your contacts. If you’re a healthcare center, you may find that our eye chart image will resonate with patients. Animal shelters may find our cat-related wishes to be the purr-fect thing to thank their two-legged clients. Retail stores and restaurants can also benefit from sending fun visuals. Special menus and clothing promotions advertised along with these Valentine’s Day images can lead to big increases in foot traffic. No matter what industry you’re in, texting with pictures can help keep your customers’ eyeballs focused on you.

Grow Your Contacts List

Need more customers? Use keywords to increase the number of people you engage with. To entice prospects to join your recipients list, consider a special promotion. Maybe advertise a message such as: “Text VALENTINE to 313131 to get 20% off sales through Feb. 14 and get future promotions from Catherine’s Cookies!” You have a nice V-day related keyword in VALENTINE, a clear win-now discount, and even a promise of receiving future promotions and discounts. You’re on your way to getting more customers!

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