How to Leverage Unofficial Holidays for Officially Bigger Sales

How to Leverage Unofficial Holidays for Officially Bigger Sales

National Donut Day? Go Skateboarding Day? Ask a Stupid Question Day? Believe it or not, these are all one of many unofficial holidays, and while they don’t have the same cache of Christmas or Thanksgiving, they’re nonetheless celebrated.

And they also give businesses the chance to capitalize on them to boost sales. The trick is matching the right holiday to your company’s goals, and choosing the right tool to promote it. You’ll have to get creative and find the right holiday, but check out how some of EZ Texting’s solutions can help you drive growth:

Keywords and Short Codes

EZ Texting’s clients are on a shared short code (such as 313131); to ensure that contacts’ text messages end up in the correct mailbox, clients advertise special keywords. If you’re a retail store wanting to celebrate National “Wear Red” Day on the first Friday in February, you may want to advertise the following on social media or wherever your customers might see it: “Text WEARRED to 313131 to get a special discount at Carrie’s Clothing on National “Wear Red” Day!” The six-digit short code is 313131 and customers will text it with the keyword WEARRED to ensure that texts go to Carrie, and no one else. While multiple companies can be on a short code, keywords can only be used by one company.


These are tools you can place on social media or on a website, and they’re customizable sign-up forms that contacts can fill out to send you their information. To motivate them to spend the time, offer some sort of promotion. If you’re a bar or restaurant, consider building a widget around Oct. 21, International Day of the Nacho, to offer customers a special discount for filling out the widget. As an added bonus, EZ Texting automatically sorts contacts into different groups based on widgets.

EZ Chat

EZ Chat enables companies to offer personalized, one-on-one, real-time text conversations with customers; this is primarily used for customer service-related issues. This is a perfect lead-in to World Smile Day, celebrated on the first Friday of October. Traditional customer service means long hold times on the phone and service agents who sometimes have to balance company call volume goals with client satisfaction. This often leads to a lose-lose for both parties. Instead of dreading this process, adopt a “service with a smile” approach. Inform customers they can text in their questions and that your company will text back a great solution, rather than come up with simply a good one in order to move on to the next call.

These solutions are just the tip of the iceberg for how EZ Texting can help you turn unofficial holidays into official profits!

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