How to Master Text Message Marketing for Small Business Overnight

How to Master Text Message Marketing for Small Business Overnight

Text messaging software is easy to learn. In fact, you can get set up with EZ Texting and send your first message in as little as five minutes.

A lot of marketers struggle, however, because they fail to learn the best practices and strategies which will make their campaigns successful. Or, maybe it would be better to say that a lot of marketers learn these things the hard way.

If you put your head in the sand and try learning on your own, you'll eventually figure out what we understand already. Knowing what to send and when to send it is difficult. It will take time, you might see a negative return up front, and your boss will get frustrated with the process.

But, what if there was a way to master text message marketing overnight?

Text Message Marketing for Small Business: How to Compress Your Learning Curve

What kind of advantage would that give you over your competitors?

Imagine getting a 98% open rate on your marketing messages while your competitors are settling for a 21% open rate on their emails.

Imagine surprising your customers with text communication which helps them enjoy your product or service more. Will they be more likely to refer you?

Imagine getting instant feedback on new product offerings and better understanding the triggers which cause your customers to buy.

This is all possible if you'll use the smart strategy of learning from other experts in the field of small business text message marketing.

Let's look at a couple of scenarios and how things might play out based on your decision to learn on your own or lean on the knowledge of other text marketing pros.

The Slowest Way to Master Text Message Marketing

Let's face it. In a small business, you don't get extra points for figuring stuff out on your own. No one hands out rewards to those who reinvent the wheel. (Quite the opposite, actually. Businesses that succeed are the ones that build on existing knowledge.)

Yet this is how some marketers approach text message marketing for small business. They learn through trial and error. It's certainly possible to master text marketing this way, but it will take a while. You will make the common mistakes and errors that set newbies back. 

The best case scenario is that this is how all your competitors get into text message marketing as well. They'll mess around and, like you, spend months (or longer) figuring out what works and what doesn't.


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The Fastest Way to Become a Text Message Marketing Jedi

The better option, obviously, is to model your campaigns after marketers who have built wildly successful text marketing systems.

The customers you have now are important. You don't want to make them upset and lose them or cause them to say bad things about your company to others. So, don't use them as text marketing guinea pigs.

Make an effort to study the best practices, do's and don't's, and case studies of companies who have figured out how to mass text for business.

We've developed some informative resources specifically to help you build expertise in small business text message marketing.


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And don't stop there.

Take advantage of the advice of people with whom you can actually talk 1-on-1. This could be in the form of a consultant (which could be expensive), a friend or colleague, or an expert from a text marketing service provider like EZ Texting.

The worst case scenario is that you choose the slow route of trial and error while your competitor chooses the fast track, compressing the learning curve by modeling.

Talk to a Small Business Text Marketing Expert

Hopefully, you're convinced to take the fastest route to text message marketing mastery. Consume the free resources and talk to the pros who can help you crush the competition.

In full disclosure, at EZ Texting, we have a good incentive to help you succeed with text message marketing. When you do well, we do well.


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That's the reason we've invested heavily in our team of text marketing pros who are available to assist you individually. In over a decade, we've helped over 210,000 businesses send over 4 billion text messages. And we've transformed that experience into knowledge that you can tap into up front.

We know the best practices, and we've helped similar customers attack the challenges that you'll be facing.

We want you to take advantage of that experience which we've turned into expertise. Talk to an EZ Texting small business text marketing expert today.


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