How One Sales Manager Accelerated His Referral Network With Text Marketing

How One Sales Manager Accelerated His Referral Network With Text Marketing

Patrick Lewis, a sales manager and mortgage planning specialist with Axia Home Loans, had a problem.

Like many loan officers, referrals make up the lion’s share of Lewis’ new leads, but after years of cultivating a robust email network and creating targeted content for real estate agents, financial advisors, home builders, and former clients he started to see declines in engagement. The email open rates he used to measure his success began dropping. And continued to drop across his entire referral network.

So Lewis started investigating and found that his problem was the medium, not the message: People had simply stopped engaging with email.

He knew he had to go where his audience was and began researching text marketing solutions that would offer the flexibility to group his contacts for segmented messaging and allow him to easily track engagement levels. He quickly settled on EZ Texting, a lightweight solution with powerful reporting and segmentation capabilities.

“Using EZ Texting lets me connect with the right person at the right time. The tracking tool is awesome, making it clear that people review texts way faster than email!”
—Patrick Lewis, Sales, Axia Home Loans

Making the switch from email to text marketing has allowed Lewis to nurture deeper connections within his existing network. He now finds that not only is his content viewed more frequently than with email, it’s also perceived as more personal. As a result his network is more likely to think of him when they have a new lead, ultimately helping him to close more new business.

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See how other EZ Texting customers are using mass texting to engage their audiences:

"EZ texting solved multiple business problems for us. It allows us to conveniently send a link to a survey to our participants via text on their phones so we do not have to rely on email. This results in higher response rates as participants are more likely to be on their phones than their computers."
—Supervisor in Research & Development
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"It took me no time at all to figure out how to use the site, create groups for different campaigns, send text message, mms messages, or schedule texts. It is one of the best things that I have ever signed my company up for. I will continue to be a customer for a very long time."
— David S.
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