How One Simple Reminder Text Can Make Business Boom

How One Simple Reminder Text Can Make Business Boom

What’s worse: An empty auditorium or an empty Zoom room?

Turns out, they’re both pretty cringeworthy. When you’re growing your business (or just getting business done), attendance matters, regardless of whether you’re planning a virtual or IRL event. No-shows waste time, resources, and, in the case of recruitment and hiring events, can leave you short-staffed and scrambling. And while text messages are successfully used by medical offices for appointment reminders, they can be much more versatile across all businesses, increasing engagement, conversation, and customer conversion. Here, how to use simple, automated text messages to make sure people know that where they want to be — is wherever your business is right now.

Reminder Texts Reduce No-Shows

Bottom line: Reminders work. One study at an opthalmology clinic found that appointment reminders decreased no-shows by 38%. Text tools can also provide a way for people to seamlessly reschedule appointments in a timely fashion so you’re not facing a calendar of cancellations. Texting can also give people the opportunity to re-engage. Missing an appointment and getting a “where are you” voicemail can make people feel embarrassed. A text providing a way to reschedule allows people to know that the door is open when they’re ready.

Text Establishes Your Company as Tech Forward

If you’re not texting, people may perceive your company as behind or old-fashioned. One survey from Robert Half Technology has found nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers in companies say their company uses texting during the hiring process. Nearly one-half of job seekers have received a text from an employer. In addition to making sure people show up where and when they’re needed, text communication establishes you as forward-thinking. All with one little reminder.

Texting Allows for Pre-Event Engagement and Connection

A pre-text message for events and seminars can serve as a reminder, but also as a way to entice people to log in or stop by. Sharing info on guest speakers, polling opinions, and providing coupon codes are all ways to encourage engagement and make sure people understand that your event is the place to be.

After all, virtual events are a mixed blessing. On one hand, they allow you infinite capacity. But the no-guest-cap can make events such as webinars feel impersonal. Pre-event texting can provide the personal touch that people crave at in-person events, giving people the opportunity to ask questions, share admiration for a speaker list, and provide enticements to encourage people to log into the event. 

Texting is Efficient

Waiver forms, payment info, employment details … whether you’re hiring, managing a clinic, or hosting an event, there are plenty of forms that can create a bottleneck at go time. Pre-event text reminders can be a simple way to make sure you have essential information before an event starts. Pre-text reminders can also open the door to participants asking questions pre-event, which can help you avoid extensive housekeeping at the beginning of an event or function. And automated texts can be set up in less than sixty seconds. 

Texting Provides Essential Info in One Place

Wading through emails or scrolling to find essential info on a website can be a time-suck. A text reminder is the place to put key info: Zoom log-ins, check-in information, addresses, and timing. Make sure to maximize your automated reminders by adding essential info — and providing a way for people to reach out with questions or concerns. 

Automated Text Reminders Provides a Funnel for Future

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with participants long after an event — and to encourage engagement in between appointments. For example, a company who hosts children’s birthday parties can text guests before events to sign a waiver — and can provide coupon codes to thank guests for attendance to encourage future visits.

Bottom line: Automated reminder texts are easy to set up, simple to customize, and provide endless opportunities for people to continue to engage with your brand long after an appointment or event. With so much to gain, why not bring it to your business? 

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