How Real Estate Agents Can Use MMS for Marketing

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October 26, 2016
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Like any smart salesperson, a real estate agent needs to understand the latest tools of the trade in order to expand his or her network of potential customers. One of the latest trends in mobile marketing involves incorporating multimedia messaging services (MMS) into your strategy. The bigger and stronger brother of SMS marketing, multimedia messages enables you to send different types of media through direct text, including brilliant images and videos.

To add flavor to your existing mobile marketing campaign, realtors should incorporate MMS into their strategies. MMS offers many advantages and makes the customer experience that much more engaging. Here are several ways realtors can use MMS in their marketing strategies:

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Promote Cross Marketing Efforts With Printed Signs

To give potential homebuyers sneak peeks into the homes they’re interested in purchasing, realtors can put a “text HOUSE16 to 99453 for more information” tag on their printed signs. Whenever prospective buyers text, they will receive MMS messages with interior images of the house and websites containing more info about the listings, all without having to type in long URL addresses or navigate entire websites.


Prize Incentives

Engage your customers by utilizing the power of prizes. Folks love free stuff, and it gives them an instant incentive to participate in your MMS contest. MMS also adds allure – you can text images of the prize to encourage more people to respond.

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Promos and Discounts

Follow the lead of restaurateurs and offer coupons and promos in your strategy. Be sure to provide a call to action and specific date when the offer is valid in your promotion to ensure consumers will take the bait. You can offer food from local eateries, home décor items, gift cards, and more!

You can also steer customers to go to your social media pages and website for more information via a link in the MMS text. This way, you’ll be helping to push traffic to your pages.


Keep Them in the Loop

MMS allows you to expand the length of texts you send out. It’s not limited to 140 characters like traditional SMS texting. This helps you to share more content with your customers. Share home improvements, new listings that just came on the market, pictures of the neighborhood and all of the amenities, upcoming neighborhood events, and much more.


Get Them to Vote

When customers are asked for their opinions, you’re sure to get a lot of responses. Include images of your services or listings that they can vote on to solidify brand awareness. Make up keywords for consumers to respond with, and reward those who voted with appealing prizes.

Mobile marketing for realtors like MMS messaging and custom Keyword campaigns creates an entirely new avenue through which you can attract potential clients. Use the tips above to get the best benefits of MMS.

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