How to Simplify Your Collections Process with Text Messaging

16 Jun
It's a simple reminder, but it can feel awkward. What happens when a customer has not paid off their balance owed? When you need to collect money from customers, text messaging can be a pain-free way to connect with and remind them. If you get stressed by the idea of collections, you can simplify your collections process with text messaging.

Automate Your Collections 

Are you using the phone to call customers who are late with their payments? Are you trying to track down people whose credit cards have expired, only to leave message after message? Calling people takes staff time, and you want to put that time into improving your business. By sending out automatic and automated text messages, you save the time that you'd otherwise spend creating individual emails or making multiple phone calls. You can set up a payment reminder to occur at specific intervals instead.

Use the Appropriate Technology 

The times are changing. Millennials find phone calls disruptive, and they prefer to ignore the phone when at all possible. However, texting is very prevalent, allowing you to reach a large audience. It's personal, but it's not overly intrusive. SMS marketing allows you to reach your customers successfully through the communication method that they use the most.

Get Noticed 

If your customers are behind on payments, they are even more likely to ignore the phone and delete your emails. However, they don't tend to ignore their text messages. Eighty-two percent of text messages are opened, while only about 20% of emails are opened. Combine your payment reminders with other valuable text message content, such as coupons and targeted sales reminders, and you'll encourage your customers to continue opening your texts and engaging with your business.

Connect more personally with your customers rather than using automated phone calls.

Text Messaging Builds a Customer Relationship 

Millennials, in particular, value customized service, but all of your customers will appreciate a personal touch, even at collections time. Build a stronger customer relationship with text messages that are friendly, personal, and less intrusive.

Get a High Return on Investment

Sending out a text message or starting an SMS marketing campaign has a low overhead. It's less expensive than having an employee spend hours on the phone making collections calls. While it may not get everyone to come in and pay their overdue bills, neither will phone calls or emails. Text messaging is very convenient for businesses to use, and that campaign will pay for itself easily. 

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