How Squarespace Storefronts Can Add SMS and Boost Nurture With a New EZ Texting Integration

Squarespace SMS Text Integration
How Squarespace Storefronts Can Add SMS and Boost Nurture With a New EZ Texting Integration

Small- and medium-sized businesses with Squarespace online stores have a new, efficient, and effective way to directly nurture relationships with their customers and clients using automated order and shipment notifications thanks to the new EZ Texting Extension.

Mass messaging autoresponders make it easy for business owners, marketing and support teams, and others to drive more meaningful, engaging, and intuitive interactions with customers, enhancing brand loyalty and satisfaction by reaching them in a direct manner where they are: on their phones.

For Squarespace online stores this Extension is an effortless way to integrate SMS text messaging — what InvestorPlace recently called “the future of communication” — into checkout and shipping workflows. And like a Swiss Army knife, there are more benefits packed into a simple text message than one might imagine.

If you’re an eCommerce retailer (or ship through your website), you likely already send email confirmations, but did you know that texts are 134% more likely to be read than emails? Text messages also have six times the engagement. Use this increased engagement opportunity to expand your brand footprint, speak directly to your customers in your voice (even if that includes emojis!), and improve your ongoing relationships. You can boost customer satisfaction with a post-purchase link to an exclusive offer, loyalty program, or promotion, or enhance customer insight via a link to a post-shipment survey

The EZ Texting-Squarespace Integration is Great For…

  • Maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Creating a more intimate link to your customers
  • Enhancing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

Who Best Benefits From the EZ Texting-Squarespace Integration?

Here’s how just a few industries and small businesses can put the Squarespace-EZ Texting Extension into practice:

Retailers can easily integrate text communications for orders and shipping details. Text customers shipping notifications to keep them aware of when they can expect to receive purchases, follow-up with a post-purchase survey link, and consider incentivizing future purchases with promotions and deals.

Photographers and Artists often favor Squarespace for their award-winning design. As the business of art leaps between gallery walls to online portfolios and websites, visual artists have pivoted to new methods of promotion and customer outreach. Texting also provides artists with the kind of intimate connection they want with their customers and provides the opportunity to add information and links for upcoming events and exhibits.

Restaurateurs can liven up their sites with Squarespace’s layouts for well-designed menus, OpenTable reservations, event calendars, and eCommerce options for gift cards, merch, and food. Add an SMS integration to enhance online purchases of gift cards or merchandise during peak seasons and holidays.

Musicians leverage the power of Squarespace sites to share songs, list gigs, sell merch, and connect social media and streaming pages. Adding text allows musicians to automate post-purchase messages that can include links to upcoming performances or “thank you” gifts like an exclusive download.

Personal Trainers and Fitness Gyms can amp up their websites with Squarespace, using the tool to manage clients and scheduling concerns. Add text to your checkout workflow to thank your clients and followers for class purchases, merchandise, or gift purchases.

Learn how to get set up on Squarespace with our Help article.

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