How to Start Texting Your Email Subscribers — in Just Two Steps

Send Texts SMS to Email List Subscribers
How to Start Texting Your Email Subscribers — in Just Two Steps

In an accelerated news cycle like today’s, many businesses and organizations are finding that their efforts to communicate with their communities are lost in overloaded email inboxes. Even on a good day, email open rates hover around 20% overall and closer to 15% for marketing comms. 

With an engagement rate that is 6 times that of email, texting provides an effective way to deliver the kinds of urgent messages, like in-stock items to operations changes to canceled events. Combining your email marketing efforts with SMS marketing gives you an edge; in fact, research shows that a follow-up text message boosts email open rates by 30%

Since both email and text marketing are permission-based activities, it’s key that you ensure your audience has opted in to receive emails and SMS notifications. We’ve developed a simple way to convert your email list to text message subscribers using EZ Opt-In, no matter what email marketing platform you're using, from Constant Contact to Hubspot. 

EZ Opt-In is a turnkey solution, and there are no additional costs for this feature for anyone with an EZ Texting account. If you’re an existing EZ Texting customer, log in to your account, or, if you’re new to our SMS marketing platform, start your free trial

Step 1: 
Under Tools → Sign-up Forms, use our Shareable Forms tool to automatically create a web form. No web developer or special technical skills are required! 

Step 2:
Include the instantly created URL to the web form in your next email blast or newsletter, allowing your entire email list to subscribe to text messaging with just one click. 

Download our EZ Opt-In free guide to learn how to turn your email list into SMS subscribers. 

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