How Text-Based Polls and Surveys Unlock Happier, More Engaged Customers

How Text-Based Polls and Surveys Unlock Happier, More Engaged Customers

For every business owner that’s come out with a new product or service, nervous that customers won’t care, EZ Texting’s polls and surveys feature might be just what they’re looking for.

The primary benefit of surveys and polls is that they can help you unlock a mountain of customer data. Imagine you own a pizza shop; these tools can help you gain insights on everything from their favorite toppings to their preferred soda flavors. In short, polls and surveys help you run your business more efficiently.

So how does this work and how can you implement it? Read on to learn more.

Keywords and Short Codes

EZ Texting utilizes short codes, which are five to six digits long and are shared by multiple clients. Keywords, two to twelve digit one-word phrases, are what customers use to ensure their texts end up in the right mailbox within the shared short code.

Using keywords on shared short code networks are the foundation of how polls work, but they don’t offer a lot as a stand-alone feature. So how can you leverage them to unlock customer data?


In the scenario above, the business owner can capture customer insights by implementing sub-keywords, which are used following a primary keyword.

Still inquiring about pizza toppings, the owner may want to advertise or send out the following message:

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Text any of the following to 313131:

  1. PIZZA pepperoni
  2. PIZZA sausage
  3. PIZZA veggies

In this case, only one keyword - pizza - is needed, and the toppings are represented as sub-keywords (bonus note: sub-keywords are free!).

As long as there is a space between the main keyword and sub-keyword, the owner will have an easy time discovering what their customers’ favorite toppings are. They can then adjust their business and marketing strategy accordingly.

Reporting and Marketing

What good is all this data if you don’t know what to do with it? EZ Texting’s platform can sort customers’ responses based on key/sub-keywords and even provide reports based on who chose what response.

Further, you can segment these inbound texts into different groups based on respondents’ answers. This helps you more effectively reach out to them in the future; for example, you likely wouldn't advertise a new meat lover’s pizza to customers who said they prefer veggies.

This is just the start for texting and polling. Call our Client Success Managers today at (800) 753-5732 to see how learning more about what your customers want can boost sales!

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