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How Text Communication Can Streamline Nonprofit Event Management

How nonprofits can use SMS text messaging to manage event communications.
How Text Communication Can Streamline Nonprofit Event Management

Consider your event communications strategy. How do you plan to deliver information to your staff and attendees before, during, and after an event? Is it fast enough? Thorough enough? Are you pleased with the effectiveness?

Text messaging offers a unique, modern, and efficient logistics solution for nonprofits when it comes to managing event communications for staff, volunteers, and attendees. Simply put, text messaging is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to ensure your message is seen.

Think about how often you delete an email without opening it. Do you ever do that for a text message? Chances are, you read every single one. We live in a phone-obsessed environment and our own research backs it up showing that 98% of all text messages are opened and read while a full 90% of those are read within just three minutes of receipt. Compare that to an 18% open rate for email and you can see the value in text communications. Here’s how your nonprofit can use text messaging to streamline your event communications for both staff and volunteers as well as attendees.

Using Text to Communicate With Staff and Volunteers

1. Keep Staff and Volunteers Informed

Use text messages to notify staff of schedules and last-minute changes and manage on-the-ground communication at the event. There's no easier option for communicating quickly and thoroughly.

2. Group Contacts for Targeted Communication

Segment staff into groups, like “Staff” and “Volunteers,” for more focus in your message targeting. You can also personalize your messages for an even greater connection. 

3. Recruiting New Staff and Volunteers

Text communication can help streamline your hiring process and allow you to fill open roles faster. Auto-replies to FAQs cut down on workload and interview reminders save your team from late arrivals and “ghosting.” There’s no better communication tool to help you scale up in times of need.

Using Text to Communicate With Event Attendees

1.Keep Attendees Informed

Use text messages to notify attendees of event information with reminder messages and links to critical information, like event instructions and maps.

2. Use a Keyword to Drive Attendance

You can set up a Keyword, such as “FOODBANK,” and share it across your website and social media to drum up interest in your work. Attendees can opt in to your contacts list and you can even set up an auto-reply with information about your next event.

3. Follow up With a Post-Event Survey

Make sure to learn from each event and send out a post-event text survey to all attendees who have opted in to your text campaign. Text messaging marketing for nonprofits isn’t anything new. In fact, if you aren’t yet using text messaging in your marketing efforts, especially in your event communications, your company is already a step behind. The most successful nonprofits have been using text messaging for years, and it’s time you caught up. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and start you search for a text messaging partner, start here with EZ Texting. We’re an award-winning, industry leader who has earned the trust of more than 50,000 businesses and nonprofit organizations like you. 5.5 billion texts sent and counting!

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