How Text Messaging Can Drive the Auto Service Rebound

Text Messaging for Auto Shops
How Text Messaging Can Drive the Auto Service Rebound

It’s been business—but not quite as usual—for the essential auto repair industry throughout the coronavirus shutdown. Now, as other industries begin returning to work, there are more drivers returning to the road; this translates into more customers for you.

"We're up probably 50%,” said Melissa Dean, co-owner of JD’s Auto Repair in Frankfort, KY. “A little busier every day, more cars everyday, it’s getting a little better."

Seize the opportunity to generate more business (and hopefully recoup some losses you may have faced) with proactive, top-of-mind messaging.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing effectively helps you notify clients of changes in operating hours, appointment booking reminders, and more. Dealership text marketing makes it easy to reach out to drivers who may have skipped regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and oil changes during the quarantine.

Make Adjustments

In the automotive industry, safety is always of the utmost importance—but this now extends to social distancing guidelines along with 5-star vehicle safety ratings. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer stations, and minimizing customer contact are the new norms throughout auto body shops and dealerships.

"If you're not comfortable coming out, by all means call. We'll come to your home, pick your car up, we'll deliver it. We'll do whatever we can to help you," said Sam Hatton of Sam’s Transmission & Auto Care in Lexington, KY.

Be accessible with our 1-on-1 Chat feature to seamlessly address customer’s safety concerns.

Promote Services

Boost sales by offering exclusive coupons, discounts, and gift cards. This is a tried and true marketing strategy that may be even more enticing (and appreciated) by customers who are likely feeling extra financial strain themselves.

Enhance your messaging with a visual or even audio component with MMS messaging. A picture can be worth much more than 1,000 words when it turns into extra business. Include images for a variety of updates, which can be helpful to illustrate necessary repairs (particularly when those require more approvals). MMS solutions increase campaign engagement by 250% compared to text alone.

Coordinate Customers

During this trying time, many customers may feel anxious and overwhelmed. Ease whatever burdens you can by facilitating their appointments and scheduling friendly reminders. Integrate Web Sign-Up Forms so subscribers can easily opt-in and gain access to coupons and updates.

Streamline communications by text-enabling your landline and never miss a question as you move from shop to office and back.

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