How Texting Can Help Restaurants Streamline Staff Communications

SMS for restaurants
How Texting Can Help Restaurants Streamline Staff Communications

While restaurants were able to provide takeout and delivery options throughout the shutdown, many are beginning to open their doors to diners wanting to dine in as well (with restrictions, of course).

Texting has long been a valuable tool in the restaurant industry — offering exclusive deals, letting customers know when takeout orders are ready for pick-up, and more. But now, along with notifying diners on your reopening, you will also want to use SMS solutions to help recruit talent and effectively communicate with your existing staff.

Effective Staff Communication for Restaurants

Efficiently communicating with staff has never been so important. Texting provides centralized, automated solutions for ensuring that staff see alerts in a timely manner—with 98% open rates (nearly five times higher than email) and a 45% response rate (over seven times higher than email).

Aligning staff communications via text allows you to:

  • Rapidly communicate schedule and shift changes
  • Request fill-in staff should someone get sick
  • Quickly send out crisis communications
  • Update policies and procedures

Without opening to full capacity, restaurants are unable to bring back their entire staff. This leaves some employees to weigh whether returning to work is worth it, particularly those who may be making more from unemployment or are concerned for their health. Effective communication can help bring them back when they're ready.

Promote Dine-In, Takeout, and Delivery Safety Measures

Assure your staff, just like your patrons, how you’re taking every possible step to secure their safety in this new normal. Masks, gloves, mandatory hand-washing, temperature taking, and social distancing are all measures the industry is implementing.

Minimize close contact by sending out text alerts when reservations and takeout orders are available — thereby eliminating the need for diners to cluster together at the front entrance or by the pickup counter.

You may also wish to employ surveys and polling to track any fears patrons may have about reopening and then proactively come up with ways to assuage these concerns.

Drive Recruitment Goals

Integrate SMS solutions to meet all recruitment needs and enjoy the following benefits:

  • SMS texting gives you a mainline to get your candidate’s attention and execute quick and effective communication
  • Lowers your recruitment costs while increasing your productivity Allows you to easily organize and tailor your recruitment messaging
  • Dramatically reduce candidate no-shows and staffing problems

Whether you had to lay off staff or need to find replacements, texting gives you a quick and direct route to find new employees.

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