How to Plan Your Father’s Day Promotions

Celebrate and reward fathers on their special day.

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June 1, 2022
Christine Defranco
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With Father’s Day (June 19) right around the corner, the time to start planning your Father’s Day promotion is now. If you normally skip promotional efforts around this holiday, you are missing out on a must-promote opportunity, regardless of your industry or marketing promo prowess. How so?

Simply put, Father’s Day is celebrated by an overwhelming majority of consumers, with total spending for clocking in at $20.1 billion in 2021. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average spending in 2021 per person was $174.10.

Father's Day stat of celebrating and spending

Those are impressive numbers, but the need to seize the promotional day is not just about spending, it’s about building brand buzz too. According to the NRF, with COVID restrictions dissolving, and more Americans gathering in-person for holidays, consumers are more eager than ever to gather and spend on celebrations.

So, even if your business is not an obvious fit for a Father’s Day promotion, it is still an opportunity to engage with your customers and contributors.

Whether you have a promotion planned for Father’s Day, or simply want to send out a sincere greeting, here are some simple yet effective ways to reach your audience. Remember, regardless of your business type, you have fathers amongst your ranks!

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Curate Father's Day Favorites

Make shopping for dad easier by cultivating products or services that specifically appeal to fathers and fatherly figures and offer special discounts on these items — both before and during Father’s Day. Compile these Dad-approved offerings in one place, whether by creating a guide or simply highlighting them on your website, and promote them across social media platforms to boost visibility. Send out Father’s Day emails to let your customers know you’ve already done the work for them when it comes to figuring out what to get Dad this year on this special day.


Make Dad Proud, Share

Sample Father's Day Email Message on Iphone

Whatever form your Father’s Day promotional marketing takes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer additional savings to those who share links to your website or invites to join your text or email subscription lists.

In the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, consider following up your initial promotion, whether it be a discount or a B1G1 code, with a secondary opportunity for your existing customers.

Encourage current subscribers to amass additional savings when they share your offer with a friend who has not yet joined. For example, a personalized Father’s Day email subject line like, “Layla, Get an Extra 20% Off Father’s Day Deals,” can act as a reminder that this special day is just around the corner while enticing a purchase by adding more savings to sweeten the deal. When a recipient opens the email, they will see if they invite a friend, they will receive an additional discount.

You may also choose to promote your Father’s Day “share” promotion across your social media and text marketing platforms. This type of follow-up that encourages a share is helpful because it gives an incentivized reminder to your customer base, while helping to build your contact list and grow sales.


Send Sincere Greetings

Sample Father's Day MMS Text

Earlier we touched on how not all businesses are an obvious fit for Father’s Day promotions. That doesn’t mean you should be silent come time to celebrate Dads and father figures alike. Remember, it's not always about boosting sales or growing your lists. It’s about connecting on a sincere level with customers and contributors who often feel like family.

So, if your business or organization, perhaps a law firm or healthcare-related entity, is not an appropriate fit for a Father’s Day promotion, it’s still a great time to reach out and connect with your customers.

One easy way to do this is by sending a visually attractive message acknowledging the day to let customers know you are thinking about them and their father’s in a positive way.


Up the Ante with a Promotional Campaign

Elevate your sale ideas and marketing initiatives with a Father’s Day promotional campaign. For example, target customers interested in Father’s Day discounts with an associated Keyword campaign. You can create on-site or in-store signage touting the Keyword campaign, add an announcement to your website, or tack on an email signature like this, “Join the EZ Grillers VIP Club! Text DADS to 858585 to get an additional 20% off all grill accessories,” to spread the word. Using Keywords or adding text marketing to your campaign toolkit will expand your reach and grow your list, not to mention your sales.

Sample in-store signage and sample text message

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