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Text Marketing Examples for Agencies: How to Use SMS Marketing for Marketing Agencies

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January 13, 2023
David Kovacs
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Looking for recurring revenue streams for your advertising or digital agency? Don’t sleep on SMS marketing! In fact, text messaging is one of the most effective tools you can use to boost your clients’ campaign and your agency’s bottom line at the same time.

Before jumping into how text messaging can be part of your agency offering (or pitching your boss), it’s a good idea to first understand what consumer behaviors are driving SMS success.



Why Agencies Should Offer SMS/Text Marketing Services

Fun fact: Seventy-five percent of the adult population can reach their phone 24 hours a day without moving their feet.1 Simply put - we live on our phones. And when it comes to mobile consumer affinity for SMS messaging, data doesn’t lie.



Did you know:

  • 92% of the U.S. population own a smartphone capable of receiving an SMS message
  • 75% of millennials prefer SMS communications for deliveries, promotions, and surveys
  • 90% of text messages are opened and read within the first three minutes of receipt
  • SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% compared to just 20% for email

What do these consumer mobile trends mean for your ad agency and your clients? Well, one, your client is now on the channel where their consumers LIVE every hour of every day. Two, you have a new channel to create personalized text campaigns that consumers actually want to receive. And three, as your client’s lists grow, so does their attributable revenue - and you (and your agency) look like rockstars.

All good things, right?

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So what do some SMS campaign executions look like? Here are four campaign scenarios and text messaging solutions that will create value for your audience and differentiate your client’s brand and your agency.


Sample Message

Drive Traffic & Grow Sales for Your Clients

SCENARIO: As a digital agency account manager or advertising media strategist, you’re working with a reduced media budget but still need to drive foot traffic to your client’s grocery chain before Labor Day weekend.

SOLUTION: You send a branded MMS group message with a promotional offer (% discount, BOGO, $ off coupon) with a tracking link to measure coupon click-throughs and conversions.


Build, Grow, or Enrich a Customer List - Stay Top of Mind

Retail Signage: Text Powder to 858585


Sample Text Message

SCENARIO: Your agency CRM specialist is managing a segmented list of ski equipment renters. The client wants to incentivize the renters to join the rewards program to drive loyalty and in-store and online purchases. You deploy text campaigns to create loyalty and keep your brand top of mind.

SOLUTION: Your agency generates in-store campaign signage and supporting social media to motivate people to opt-in for text communications. You send out periodic ski deals interspersed with the latest snowfall update.


Capture More Leads from Other Channels with Better Tracking

SCENARIO: Your agency needs to demonstrate the effectiveness of your CPG drive-trial campaign by capturing more leads from print, radio, tv, and display ad campaigns and more accurately tracking the leads generated from each channel.

SOLUTION: You add trackable text-to-join Keywords to traditional ads and cross-check against IRI sales data, making it easier for potential buyers to take action and giving your agency a proven way to track conversions.

Text Salsa to 858585 signage


Sample Message

Attract New Customers & Boost Your ROI

SCENARIO: Creative campaigns catch your prospect’s eye, but you need to communicate a program of tangible business results to attract and sign new clients.

SOLUTION: Use the flexibility of SMS marketing in your creative execution and differentiate the agency from competitors by demonstrating expertise in this emerging channel with the real promise of a solid ROI.

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