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How Top Corporate Headhunters Use SMS for Recruitment

How Top Corporate Headhunters Use SMS for Recruitment

If you aren’t using SMS for recruitment, you’re falling behind.

For several years, some of the top corporate headhunters have been using SMS to give their recruiting efforts a boost. 

These headhunters understand the power of connecting with potential candidates through text, and with an open rate of 98%, they know their messages are getting through.

"Even I was surprised at the high engagement rate text messaging delivered! Almost no opt-outs, lots of follow-ups, and very positive impact on recruitment." -Haley Lanigan, Recruiting Manager, Fidelis Freight

Fidelis Freight is a trucking and logistics company that contracts drivers to fulfill carrier loads. The industry is currently facing a massive shortage of drivers, and it’s not expected to improve anytime soon. 

Their recruiting manager, Haley Lanigan, was struggling to contract drivers, and she needed new ways to find them. LinkedIn, email, and offline initiatives were just too time-consuming and produced poor results.

With the implementation of EZ Texting’s SMS messaging software, Haley was able to step up her game and recruit more drivers than ever before. To increase engagement with her subscribers, she sends them updates on trends in the industry, weekly fluctuations in their per-mile pay rate, and real-time alerts for job opportunities with their company. 

Keep reading to find out how you can experience similar success with your recruiting efforts.

How to Use SMS for Recruitment

SMS messages can be used to attract applicants, automate your messages to save time, keep your subscribers informed about news in the industry, and making contacting you easy with two-way texting. 

It’s fast and free to get started, and you can upload your contacts within minutes. Take action on the following steps to get started using SMS messaging to recruit new hires now.

1. Outline Recruitment Goals and Objectives

Before you send out your first message, you need to determine what your goals and objectives are so you can develop a successful SMS marketing strategy. Take the time to research your options and learn what you can do with text messages and then develop goals that allow you to test and measure success.

For example, a good goal might be that you want to hire 2 more employees before the end of Q4. You can track your success with your SMS campaigns and see how much they contribute towards your goal.

  1. Send Alerts for Job Postings. Message your list when you have a new opening for a position. Share a link to the job details and application instructions.
  2. Accept Applications. Allow potential candidates to text a resume to your EZ Texting number or text a Keyword to be given instructions on how to apply.
  3. Answer Questions. Candidates can reply to any of your messages or text a Keyword to your number to ask questions. 2-way messaging allows you to respond and carry on a text conversation with them.
  4. Schedule Interviews. You can schedule interviews through SMS messaging by using the same methods mentioned above.
  5. Follow Up After Interviews. After you’ve conducted an interview, you can let them know if they got the job or encourage them to reapply at a later date and stay subscribed for alerts to new openings.

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2. Understand Your Target Audience

Think about your ideal employee and ask yourself one important question - how likely are they to respond to a text message about a job? 

If your ideal employee is not tech-savvy and doesn’t use a cell phone for texting in their everyday lives, it’s a safe bet that SMS messaging wouldn’t be for you. However, in most cases, SMS messaging is the perfect way to enhance your recruiting processes.

Statistics on Mobile Usage

  • Adults within the age range of 18-34 prefer text for notifications from businesses.
  • 75% of millennials want to receive SMS messages for delivery notifications, promotions, or surveys.
  • 77% of American adults own a smartphone.
  • 92% of adults between the ages of 30-49 own a smartphone, 79% of adults ages 50-64 own one, and 53% of adults age 65 or over have one too.

3. Deploy Keyword and Short Code

Keywords are unique phrases that potential candidates can text to your EZ Texting number (313131) – also known as a shortcode. Your Keyword and shortcode can be used in your advertising to spur potential hires to subscribe to your list or send you an application. 

Where to Deploy Your Keywords and Shortcode

  • Your website and social media pages.
  • Include it in all your email newsletters.
  • Add it to any paperwork you have candidates fill out.
  • Promotional items such as apparel, office supplies, or banners.
  • Anywhere that your potential employees frequent.

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4. Personalize Your Text Messages

Make your subscribers feel special by personalizing the message you send out. You can include their name with a click of a button if you are using EZ Texting’s SMS messaging software

Our software even makes it possible for you to personalize group texts in the same way. Find out how this works in our help guide.

5. Create Keyword Triggers

You can automate your messages so that when someone texts the Keyword you set up to the shortcode number you created, it will send them a previously-crafted reply. This can be useful to recruiters in several ways. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration.

4 Examples of Automated Keyword Triggers

  1. Text APPLYNOW to 313131 to submit your application.
  2. Reply with the Keyword YES to subscribe to be notified of new job postings.
  3. Reply with the Keyword CONFIRM to let us know you can still make it for your interview scheduled at [day and time].
  4. Text SIGNUP to subscribe to our list and be the 1st to know about new job openings.

Choose a Software Provider

Are you new to SMS marketing, but you’re ready to implement it to help you achieve your recruitment goals? EZ Texting has been providing top-notch customer service to over 210,000 customers since 2004. Get started and send out your first message to potential hires by registering for our free trial.

Are you still not convinced that SMS messaging is right for your company? Download your free copy of our 2019 Mobile Usage Report to help you determine if your target audience is a good fit for this method of communication.

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