How the Zipwhip Acquisition Impacts Your Business

Zipwhip's small and mid-size business customers may need an alternative text marketing solution.

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January 7, 2022
Lauren Goldenberg
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Major Acquisitions of SMS Marketing Providers Are Happening

As you may have already heard, Twilio recently acquired Zipwhip. The Twilio-Zipwhip acquisition isn’t the only procurement involving major players in the SMS marketing space. Just a few months after Twilio scooped up Zipwhip, the Swedish company Sinch, that offers business communication services by way of APIs, acquired SMS provider MessageMedia. Many industry forecasts project more text marketing acquisitions are on the horizon.


open rate of SMS marketing with messages often read within minutes — if not seconds — of receipt

Why Have There Been So Many Acquisitions of SMS Marketing Companies?

What is prompting this surge SMS text message marketing company acquisitions? Very simply put, SMS marketing delivers a nearly perfect open rate at 98%, with messages often read within minutes — if not seconds — of receipt. There is no other means of marketing outreach or engagement that offers anywhere near this return.

With unrivaled open-rates, everyone wants in on the SMS marketing game.

What This Means for SMS & Small Businesses

As tech giants and software companies rush to court Fortune 500 clients as their primary end-user for their newly acquired SMS marketing capabilities, smaller businesses often get left out in the cold. Because small and mid-size businesses have very specific needs that often differ dramatically from that of a larger corporation, this shift will inevitably result in a host of options that do not align with small business models.

SMS marketing’s small business customers who are looking for an alternative solution that is more aligned with their unique small business goals can work with providers specifically geared to support their smaller stature. EZ Texting is one of these companies.

Who Is EZ Texting?

EZ Texting has been leading the charge as the world’s #1 SMS marketing software provider. Serving over 165K businesses of all sizes and industries, EZ Texting sets the standard for business texting platforms. Featured as a top 20 Best Product for Marketers, the scalable platform is trusted by B2B clients spanning all industries (Healthcare, Automotive, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, eComm, Fitness, Restaurant, Financial, Government, Nonprofit, Recruitment & Staffing, Bars & Nightlife, Hotels & Hospitality, Religious Institutions, Salons & Spas, Schools, Storage, Construction & Home Services, Groceries, and more).

Why EZ Texting?

Change can be good. And changing to EZ Texting can be very, very good — especially for Zipwhip clients. The difference EZ Texting offers is multi-faceted. Here is a quick look at some of the primary differences.

EZ Texting offers marketing, promotions and list growth tools that Zipwhip doesn't, including:

  • Group messaging for 100+ contacts
  • Sign Up forms & QR codes
  • MMS + Shutterstock
  • Managed Accounts

In addition to offering features that Zipwhip does not, it’s important to note that EZ Texting does offer Zipwhip’s primary features. This means if you are a Zipwhip customer, you won’t have to sacrifice the capabilities you’ve come to rely on.

EZ Texting also offers the same primary marketing features that Zipwhip boasts, including:

Comparison Table

Why Try EZ Texting?

We offer a no-obligation, free trial — so that you can experience the EZ Texting advantage first hand and decide if we are right for your business. A free trial is the best way to make sure we’re the right fit for your business, which is important to us.

It’s easy to get started. We offer a variety of pricing options and monthly and annual plans that allow you to save based on how many texts you’ll be sending — as well as any extras you may be interested in, such as adding additional Keyword options, textable numbers, and high-volume upgrades.

We also encourage you to visit our blog, where we offer expert tips, strategies, and examples of how SMS messaging can dramatically change your business.

We also offer 24/7 help center support, and you can contact us as well via phone, live chat, email, and text.

What Can Customers Do Next?

Learn more about how EZ Texting can help Zipwhip customers reach the needs of their businesses better than ever before.

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