Incentives Still the Best Way to Grow Mobile Marketing Lists

25 Nov

According to Tatango, the number of people who join SMS lists in order to receive incentives but remain on the list after they've bagged the goods may be as high as 98%. This statistic alone should make you cast aside any lingering doubts you may have about incentivizing your SMS marketing to grow moblie marketing lists.

In an age of free content, consumers have come to expect a few tidbits in advance of parting with their hard-earned, but it requires a certain level of trust on the part of commerce and, yes, an acceptance that not every individual will end up as a loyal customer.

The chief objective of incentive-based mobile marketing strategies is a sure, steady increase in participants. As this audience grows, so do your chances of improving long-term ROIs. If every SMS marketing campaign included an incentive, the relationship between business and consumer would change for the better. Rather than making the consumer feel as if they are doing you a favor by visiting your store or website, incentives make them feel like you have done them a favor. And most people feel compelled to return favors. But what are the most effective forms of incentive? Let's take a look-see...

Sweepstakes. Use social media to leverage attention from existing customers. If they like it, they will parlay the info to their friends.

  • Free gifts. Another rock-solid way of attracting visitors and improving visibility. If you're a restaurant, offer a free dessert to people who sign up to your list. If you're movie theater, offer free popcorn. Even small items build brand trust and show customers that you're serious.
  • 'Now' deals. Implying a sense of urgency by offering time-limited deals is a great way to harvest lots of sign-ups within a short period of time. Offer an immediate discount for signing up at the point of sale and watch your SMS list grow!
  • Add a friend. Concomitant to your social media campaign, this is a really effective way of making new customers. Reward existing customers according to how many new sign-ups they bring your way.
  • Offering incentives as part of your mobile marketing campaigns  is a long-term solution. Don't expect immediate results, but do expect to foster a positive relationship over the course of a few months. That relationship will ultimately engender a long-term source of revenue for your business. And as any marketer worth their salt knows, repeat custom is the best kind.


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