Infographic: Why Texting is More Effective Than Emails and Calling

21 Dec

For about the past 20 years, email has been the gold standard for digital marketing. And in that time, it has evolved to become an interactive experience, with companies able to mine a world of data from it.

But nothing lasts forever, and advances in technology, combined with a change in consumer behaviors, have chipped away at the effectiveness of email. Further, there is enough data to support the idea of ditching email all together and reaching out to contacts through text messages.



Yes, text messages; the thing that you use to send food pics to friends and baby photos to family members has grown to become a major marketing tool for businesses. In a new infographic, we break down how and why texting has become a more effective approach to customer outreach:

Your customers prefer text:

Texting is used daily by 97% of consumers, making it far and away the most-used mobile application. Phones typically have a different sound for text than email, so as soon as the text ping rings into the air, people reach for their phones. But email? Meh. They get so many throughout the day that not even a unique sound effect gets them excited anymore. Further, 55% say they’d rather text a company than call them. Don’t think this means ditching email; in fact, you should use the two in conjunction.

Texting is a bigger driver of engagement:

Fifty-five percent of customers would prefer to text with companies, yet only 38% offer that capability. Imagine how much your interactions with them would increase if they could handle purchases and returns in a way that’s convenient for them. Adopting a texting channel for this can even be felt on the bottom line: the cost of a single customer service call can reach as much as $20, yet texting can reduce this to just pennies.

The writing is on the wall; texting is more effective than calls and emails, customers would prefer using it (you just have to offer it!), and it can even drive the bottom line!

Check out the infographic to learn more, and visit us at to learn more about how texting can improve the customer experience and revitalizing your marketing!

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