An Inside Look at the World's Leading SMS Marketing Software

16 Oct

For over a decade, we've helped thousands of organizations connect with their customers, donors, and prospects in the communication channel people use most. During that time, we've gained an unparalleled understanding of the tasks which most marketers need to accomplish and how they can complete those tasks as quickly and easily as possible.

Adding Contacts and Groups

Effective SMS campaigns hinge on personalization and relevance. So, not only do you need to be able to import your existing contacts into your bulk text messaging software easily, you need to create Groups to segment those contacts by geography, interest, purchase behavior, and more.

Contacts and Groups are part of the same menu and screen in EZ Texting.


By default, you have three groups available, but you can add as many as you like. To create a Group, click the Add A New Group button, name the Group, and add notes that help you identify it in the future.

sms marketing software groups screenshot


There are two ways to add contacts to your Groups—uploading multiple contacts at once or manually adding contacts one at a time.

To add contacts manually, choose the Contacts tab, and select the Add A Contact button. Then use the form to add contact details. The more information you add, the more options you will have for personalizing messages.

To add multiple contacts at once, select the Mass Upload Contacts button. Then follow the instructions to add contacts by uploading a spreadsheet, or copying and pasting contact information to your contact list.

sms marketing software contacts screenshot

Using Keywords and Web Widgets to Grow Your List

SMS message marketing is permission-based. You can't text contacts who haven't given you permission to text them. So, after adding your initial set of contacts, you will want to grow your list organically by using keywords and web widgets to get prospects and customers to opt-in.


One of the most common ways to grow your contact list is by incentivizing people to text a Keyword to a Short Code. For instance, you might offer an in-store discount by displaying this message near the entrance of your store: "Text 'DEALS' to 474747 to get $5 off your order." In that example, 'DEALS' is the Keyword and 474747 is the short code.

To add a Keyword to your account, simply click the Keywords left-hand menu item and select the Add A New Keyword button. You will be prompted to find a Keyword that is not already being used at that Short Code, activate it, and start using it.

sms marketing software keyword screenshot

Web Widgets

Web Widgets are simple sign-up forms which you can embed on your website, Facebook page, or include as a link in your emails. These forms give contacts the opportunity to join your text list in the platform they're currently using, rather than sending a text.

To create a Web Widget, click on the Tools drop-down in the left-hand menu and select Web Widget. Follow the simple instructions to create the widget and select which Group you want the contacts added to.

Analyzing Delivery Reports

Getting the most from your bulk SMS marketing software requires careful data analysis and adjustments based on campaign activity. In EZ Texting, analyzing delivery results with the Reports feature is easy and intuitive.

To view data on past and ongoing campaigns, select Reports in the left-hand menu. The Messages tab gives you options to select the date range and type of Report from a drop-down menu. The date range can be adjusted with a slider below the graph, and data is updated real-time as you move the slider. The Contacts tab shows data on recently added contacts, contact growth and opt-outs over time, and contact sources. The Keywords tab shows detail on Keyword usage over time.

Sending Texts

Text message marketing isn't complicated, so creating and scheduling texts shouldn't be complex. We've made it as simple as possible with our Message wizard.

Start by selecting the orange New Message button in the left-hand menu. Input the Group(s), you'd like the message to be sent to, and compose your message. A Message Preview pane updates in real-time as you type to show how the message will look to recipients. You can send the message immediately or schedule it for a future time, and you also have the option to make the message recurring.

Click the Continue button to see a final preview to ensure the information is correct before sending your message. Once you click the Send Message button, your text will go out immediately, you'll receive a confirmation message, and you can begin to monitor activity and replies.

SMS Marketing Software Should Be Easy To Use

Marketers love text message marketing because it is effective, immediate, and simple. As you can see from the videos, images, and descriptions above, we've worked hard to make EZ Texting the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and best bulk text messaging service on the market.

Now that you have an understanding of the basics of the EZ Texting interface, it's time to take it for a spin to see more features. We've also made getting started with a trial as easy and fast as possible. Sign-up to test send usually takes less than five minutes.

Ready to try? Sign up for free now!

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