JiWire Announces Location Conversion Index

10 Jan

JiWire  has launched a new advertising metric that can accurately measure the effectiveness of location mobile marketing campaigns. Grandly dubbed the 'Location Conversion Index', it can measure whether individuals who saw a mobile ad in the morning ended up at a specific retail location in the afternoon.

JiWire's LCI is thought to be the first mobile marketing ROI metric to measure the real-world impact of ad campaigns. It's a major breakthrough for an industry in which mobile marketing trends and campaign outcomes have historically been difficult to track. Used in conjunction with services offered by EZ Texting it promises to make customer engagement more efficient than ever.

The LCI uses JiWire's own Location Graph platform, which can accurately geo-locate customers, whether they're in-store, nearby or heading in the right direction. Leveraging the power of geo-fencing, the system ensures that only store visits are counted as a successful mobile marketing lead.

The technology at work here is pretty impressive. Billions of location tags map consumer patterns of behaviour, connecting the dots of their daily routine and providing invaluable insights into their spending habits and preferences. Over time, the data builds to form a personal profile. If, for instance, a mobile user visits toystores and theme parks on a regular basis, they are likely to be a parent. This knowledge can be used to send targeted mobile ads relevant to parents. LCI even adjusts itself according to season, allowing for increases in in-store traffic over Christmas.

Such devastating accuracy has some implications for mobile marketing privacy protection. But this challenge – along with some mandatory regulations - has prompted businesses to adopt a more ethical approach. Users must opt-in for services like the LCI. But the millions of people who have already done so are beginning to wonder how they ever did without it.

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